Oct 15, 2021
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Wardrobe: what to throw out first?

Wardrobe: what to throw out first?

A lot of clothes, but nothing to wear … Sound familiar? Then read our article!

There are 3 unspoken wardrobe rules among fashion bloggers. And if every woman follows these instructions, then not only will there be more space in her closet, but it will also take less time in the morning to choose what she will spend the day in.

Same things

Trends are dangerous because they lead to the fact that a stack of similar things accumulates in the wardrobes of women of fashion: jeans, sweaters, T-shirts, jackets … As a result, you too often look the same, although you wear different things.

Not your size

Things should fit perfectly on you: don’t press anywhere, don’t hang anywhere. The only exception can be the oversized style. No matter how in love you are with the thing, if your size is not there – do not buy.

Spoiled clothes

Items that have never been stained, items with lost buttons, damaged locks that you are not going to fix. All of this should leave your closet (ideally your home).

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