Sep 3, 2021
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Warcorer Kitten set "diagnosis" Ukrainian adviser for "ruska mov"

War correspondent Yuriy Kotenok made a “diagnosis” to the adviser to the head of the office of the President of Ukraine, Oleksiy Arestovich. The reason was the statements about the “Russian move”.

Arestovich was asked what language the inhabitants of the country would speak if the name was renamed “Rus-Ukraine”. Telegram-channel “Ukraine Online” published a fragment of the video, where the Ukrainian adviser answers.

In his opinion, the Ukrainian language is “Ruska”. He added, switching to Russian, that he would very much like to see how Russia “will call for a war with Russia, for the occupation of Russia.”

“The advisor to the head of the OP, Aleksey Arestovich, has sold out, now he has a new fix idea – to rename the Ukrainian language to” ruska mov “(with one s)”, – noted the authors of the post under the video.

Yuri Kitten could not remain silent either.

“Judging by the eyes, physiognomy, not cocaine, but something heavier. This develops into schizophrenia, the obsessive stage is paranoia,” the military correspondent wrote in his Telegram channel.

Arestovich believes that Ukrainian propagandists will outplay Russia if they rename the Ukrainian language “Ruska Movu”. He explained his proposal by the fact that the Ukrainian language allegedly is closest to the Old Slavonic language, which was spoken in Kievan Rus. And therefore, according to the logic of Arestovich, the Ukrainian language has more rights to be called “Russian”.

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