Oct 14, 2021
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Want lips like Jolie and eyes like Penelope Cruz?

Want lips like Jolie and eyes like Penelope Cruz?

Attitude to your own appearance is a delicate matter. Someone, admiring themselves in mirrors for years, falls into a panic from any age-related changes, and is ready to erase these marks at any cost. Having studied on the Internet all the available information about devices and drugs, such ladies decisively take control of the whole process, “teaching” their own cosmetologists how and how they should be treated. Other visitors to beauty salons and cosmetology clinics, on the contrary, hate their “wrong” lips, the shape of the ears and the shape of the eye so much that they demand to make them look like lips Angelina Jolie, eyes Renee Zellweger since her stellar “Diary of Bridget Jones”, a young Gurchenko or Alla Pugacheva, further down the list. For doctors – professionals

you have to work with both those and others, delicately direct and correct the initial request, and sometimes simply refuse to make the most unreasonable “dreams” come true.

The “battles” invisible to the world between the fantasies of patients and the common sense of cosmetologists, who have not forgotten the main medical commandment “do no harm!”, Today often spill out into the public space, social networks. “Yes, I’m a ‘bad beautician’! – Emotionally writes on his Instagram page a well-known cosmetologist-dermatologist in Moscow. – Because I won’t do you like Jolie, like Penelope Cruz, like a colleague at work or like that instatel (well, who fancies herself a Mega-blogger and “rules” the instamer), in short, like hers, too, I won’t … Why?! Because you are not Jolie or Cruz. You are an individual, a person, and therefore I prefer to do what is right for you! To your face, under your facial features, and yes, a little according to your desire. “

A reasonable approach is to remain yourself at any age, only correcting your own beauty and uniqueness with the help of doctors and modern technologies, it is not easy to accept patients who have paid money and seem to have the right to count on a miracle.

“The task of a doctor-cosmetologist is to listen carefully and be able to explain to the patient: what is good for one person may not be very good for another. By the way, I am the doctor who easily says “no” and never performs a procedure that is not indicated, even if the patient insists on it. You can always explain why it is not necessary. And, as a rule, patients listen. It is important to prescribe to the patient only what the doctor considers useful for him “- I am sure cosmetologist, candidate of medical sciences Elena Goltsova.

However, people with many accompanying purely medical problems often turn to cosmetologists for help, without the solution of which it is very difficult, and sometimes impossible, to obtain the desired result. According to Candidate of Medical Sciences, cosmetologist Irina Zhukova the most difficult categories of patients in the practice of a doctor of aesthetic medicine – with a pronounced subcutaneous fat layer, gravitational type of aging; with edema and pastiness of facial tissues; having significant photodamage and skin elastosis, connective tissue dysplasia; suffering from severe rosacea and having vascular problems; having anatomical features (asymmetry, malocclusion, neurological changes); susceptible to allergies or having impaired immunological status; patients with psychological problems and personality traits. However, according to Irina Zhukova, today an individual approach can be found for each difficult patient and the maximum possible correction of age-related changes can be carried out, if necessary, resorting to the help of colleagues from other medical specialties – therapists, endocrinologists, gynecologists, psychologists. “Together, we can not only improve the effectiveness of cosmetic procedures, but also orient patients towards comprehensive anti-aging programs – this will be of much greater importance for them both aesthetically and in general medical terms.”

“Customer dissatisfaction with the results is a frequent occurrence in cosmetology,” says dermatovenerologist, cosmetologist of the EPILAS network of medical centers Alina Kudzieva… First of all, this may be due to distrustful attitude towards cosmetologists and non-compliance with the doctor’s recommendations, as a result of which patients harm themselves and the quality of the procedure itself. It happens that the reason for the dissatisfaction of “problem” clients is associated with their psychological state, which ultimately does not contribute to a reasonable approach to treatment.

Misunderstanding of the law “On the protection of consumer rights” and the well-known thesis “the client is always right” has generated a lot of prejudices among cosmetologists. Often, knowing in advance the negative outcome of the scenario proposed by the patient, the doctor is forced to refuse the patient, but does not know how to do this in order to avoid unpleasant consequences and not alienate the client. The simplest and most effective way to justify the refusal of the procedure, according to Alina Kudzieva, is to point out the presence of contraindications, for example, such as intolerance to certain substances, the presence of acute and chronic diseases. Today it is possible to find such contraindications in almost every second patient. The reason for refusal may also be the patient’s non-compliance with medical recommendations (recorded in medical documents) at the stage of preparation for the procedure and after it.

Should we be afraid that by denying a patient an unnecessary procedure, the doctor will lose him forever? According to our experts, patients, as a rule, appreciate the right arguments, a sincere attitude and a professional comprehensive approach of a doctor who is interested in a good end result. The mutual trust that arises in the course of such communication is no less valuable capital, thanks to which the patient stays with his doctor for many years.

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