Nov 5, 2021
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Wall Street Journal readers questioned Biden’s ability to negotiate with Putin


Wall Street Journal readers questioned Biden's ability to negotiate with Putin
Administration of the President of Russia

Republican Senator Tom Cotton recently announced that the head of the White House will have to “test its strength” in building relations with the Russian Federation. He stressed that Biden must switch from climate change issues to Moscow and take steps to “contain it” in order to prevent geopolitical problems.

Wall Street Journal readers criticized Cotton’s words. In addition, they questioned whether Biden was competent enough to dialogue with his Russian counterpart. American Internet users have noticed that the US Senate is literally throwing the country’s leader to be “devoured” by Vladimir Putin.

“Exam for Biden? Yes, Putin will eat it for lunch. These four years will be long for us, ”admitted one of the commentators.

In the discussion under the article, they drew attention to the fact that Joe Biden is not able to calculate the course of the political game several steps ahead, as his Russian counterpart is doing. Therefore, the White House will inevitably lose.

“He cannot predict the game three or four moves ahead. He plays checkers, not chess, ”explained another reader.

Earlier, the Belarusian political scientist Aleksey Dzermant said that the United States is using the split in the European Union to fight against Russia. He pointed out that the calls of the White House were responded with enthusiasm in Poland and the Baltic states.

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