Dec 31, 2020
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Wall painting or wallpapering: which one to choose?

Wall painting or wallpapering: what to choose?

Sooner or later, everyone who starts a renovation or just wants to freshen up the walls asks the question of where to stop their own choice: paint or wallpaper. The prices for these two types of finishing materials can be different, depending on the quality and type of product.

For example, ordinary paper wallpapers have a low price and are suitable only for rooms with low humidity and pollution, non-woven and acrylic – satisfy most of the operational requirements and are quite affordable, and textile, cork, metallized, glass wallpaper – are endowed with excellent characteristics, but have a high cost.

The types of paints are also quite diverse: water-based, acrylic, latex. The main requirements for paint are good coating, wear resistance and resistance to sunlight, and depending on these characteristics, prices will also differ. So it is quite problematic to lay a clear line and say which decorating method is more economical.

A reasonable compromise can be paintable wallpaper, which does not require painstaking preparation of the walls, and the fruit will be very similar to a painted wall. In addition, such wallpapers can be of various textures, therefore, they can achieve very interesting effects.


You don’t need any professional skills to glue the wallpaper – just cut the sheets evenly and combine the pattern. As for the preparation of the walls, the wallpaper practically does not require it, since the paper perfectly hides small irregularities.

But for painting, the wall must be perfectly flat, since any defect will be noticeable (especially for matte paint). Therefore, if your walls are in poor condition, and you do not yet have a desire to putty using a reinforced mesh, it is better to opt for wallpaper.

However, if the repair is carried out in a room where the walls do not need preparation, they do not have the slightest flaws – most likely, painting will not cost much effort and financial investment.

Painting the walls

It is quite easy to paint walls, and mixing colors makes it possible to find any, even the rarest shade and achieve the desired saturation. Painted surfaces are generally easy to clean and do not attract dust. Therefore, for rooms with high humidity, it is better to give preference to paint, and the wallpaper is likely to peel off and lose its shade.

In addition, the paint is more resistant to mechanical damage than wallpaper, which is torn when exposed to sharp objects. If you like to change the interior often, then you need to take into account that repainting the walls is much easier than re-gluing the wallpaper.

Nevertheless, painting is considered by many to be boring and more suitable for office space than for home, while wallpaper brings softness, coziness and psychologically relaxing.

So, the choice of wall decor depends on the room environment, personal preferences, finances and the desired result. The main thing is that the decoration of the walls corresponds to the general concept of the room, matches the style with the existing furniture and, of course, harmonizes with your mood.

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