Nov 18, 2022
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Walking along the beach, the man found a bunch of shells and found out that they are delicious and expensive

bunch of delicious shellsWalking with his dog along Crickieta Beach (Wales), Dave McGuirr saw and photographed an amazing sight.

bunch of delicious shells

The man admired a tree trunk thrown ashore, to which thousands of “shipwrecked” clung – these were strange mollusks.

bunch of delicious shells

Having photographed the find, Dave posted it on the Internet and only later found out that that day he had met with a colony of so-called goose shells. In some countries (for example, in Portugal and Spain), these shellfish, reminiscent of the taste of lobster and octopus, are considered a delicacy. After looking up prices for goose shells online, Dave figured out that the creatures clinging to the trunk could be worth between £3,000 and £5,000.

bunch of delicious shells

However, our hero does not regret that he did not collect delicious shells for himself. These creatures most of all looked like some kind of creepy aliens, so Dave would be disgusted even just to touch them.

Walking along the beach, a man was frightened at the sight of a black “alien blot”

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