Oct 30, 2021
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Wait, who’s flying? US State Department got Russian sky at the snap of fingers

Wait, who's flying?  US State Department got Russian sky at the snap of fingers

Photo: AP / TASS

With this message, the State Department delighted American cargo carriers, who were already stamping their feet and demanded decisive action from him in order to obtain the appropriate permits.

The largest carriers in the United States, including American Airlines, Delta Airlines, FedEx Corp United Parcel Service were forced to send to the Secretary of State Anthony Blinken a letter explaining that they need open airspace over Russia in order to fly efficiently from the United States to India and the Middle East.

According to Reuters, the State Department has already received permission from the Russian authorities, but the number of allowed flights has not yet been specified. That is, Russia has the opportunity to bargain.

The history of the issue is as follows: after the reunification of Crimea with Russia in 2014, Washington imposed a ban on flights of aircraft of American companies over the peninsula. But in October 2020, the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said the security situation in the Simferopol area had stabilized and the ban was lifted. However, in April of this year, this structure gave birth to two directives either to fly over the territory of Crimea and some other regions of the Russian Federation “with extreme caution”, or to abandon them altogether.

But directives are one thing, and business interests another. Air carriers know how to count money. Therefore, they want to fly the most convenient routes, including through Russia. But in order to fly into the airspace of a sovereign country, you need to obtain permission from this country. What the State Department is working on. Moreover, it was successful.

Our people sincerely gloated upon learning about the problems of amers, bursting into the network with a barrage of jokes:

“Let them fly through the North Pole to Europe, so in short …”

“No, Democratic guys, only on deer. With Santa Claus. “

“If they don’t know, the Earth is in the shape of a ball. You can fly around from the other side. “

Some users, however, link the issuance of flight permits with a big policy:

“Allow after the resumption of the consular service and the start of bilateral flights! The only way!”

“Only in exchange for the complete lifting of the sanctions!”

“After the United States and the Czech Republic are included in the list of unfriendly countries, I think that the logical decision would be to completely ban flights for countries from this list. Business is business, and safety comes first. “

“Fly over Russia is not allowed. Let them fly ineffective routes through enemy countries and American bases set up around Russia. Let them reap what they have sown, together with Poland, which wants to lower gas prices … “

User comments are suggestive: can Russia benefit from the current situation?

– Russia may well bargain and must bargain! But he does not do this, continuing to adhere to the policy of servility, which began under Gorbachev, only now it is being done in disguise, – he believes military expert Mikhail Alexandrov… – Skillfully pressing on economic levers, Russia has the ability to effectively defend its interests. For example, we could have long ago refused to transit gas through Ukraine, pay a fine and close this issue, but we are not doing this.

Now about the issuance of permits for flights: US air carriers are very interested in flying through our airspace, so they will push for permits with all their might. We could set a condition: let, for example, certify our new MC-21 aircraft with new engines. Or let them lobby for the certification of our Sputnik-V vaccine.

After all, WHO is probably not just balking with this and wasting time, there are forces, including a number of American companies, which are extremely interested in this. We must strive to make us proposals that we cannot refuse, – the expert is convinced.

– Air transportation is a huge business, and a profitable one. You need to understand that flights through the airspace of the country significantly replenish the budget, – explains Victor Alksnis, who devoted half his life to mastering new aviation technology and strengthening the combat readiness of troops. – And here it is necessary to separate the flights of civil aviation and military aircraft. There are international flight routes that pass through the airspace of the Russian Federation. Trying to close them will probably be wrong, the budget will lose money. But US military aircraft cannot be allowed into our skies. Whatever they say at the top, the United States remains our potential enemy, any flight of a military aircraft can have reconnaissance goals, including.

When issuing permits for flights of civil air carriers, you can bargain, but wisely and without pressure. You can put forward some conditions, but the effectiveness of this will depend on the skill of the negotiators. But you have to do it in the quiet of your classrooms. To put forward any demands publicly, and even in a harsh form, is impossible in any case – it can go sideways, warns Viktor Alksnis.

Of course, it’s nice to know that our sworn friends need permissions. But it must be borne in mind that not only Americans fly through our skies, but we also fly through them. For example, to Cuba. This, by the way, is our still loyal ally in the region. And you shouldn’t forget about the money that goes into the Russian budget for each flight in our airspace. So let them fly while they pay. Is not it?

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