Jan 3, 2022
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Waffles: selection rules

Waffles: selection rules

The editorial board and ANO “Russian quality system” (Roskachestvo) conducted a study of 20 brands of this delicacy, which is popular among the elderly.

Let’s try to answer the question together: are waffles a good, safe product that cheers you up, or, conversely, should you treat them with caution? Most importantly, is there chocolate in chocolate waffles?


Before the start of the study, experts interviewed ordinary citizens about their doubts about the quality of the waffles. Most of the respondents are confident that these products:

* Contains a large amount of vegetable oils, including palm.

* There are preservatives (sorbic and benzoic acids, sulfur dioxide) and flavorings.

* The waffle filling does not use natural cocoa butter, but a mixture of fats with flavors and other ingredients harmful to the body.

* Contains a large amount of trans fats and sugars, which is why waffles should not be consumed by children.

* Heavy metals, microorganisms, and components harmful to health (acrylamide, pesticides) may be present.


Experts examined the waffles and found no non-compliance with the mandatory requirements for the following indicators:

* Heavy metals (lead, cadmium, mercury, arsenic).

* Content of microorganisms (yeast, mold, E. coli and other pathogenic microorganisms, including salmonella). The total number of mesophilic aerobic and facultative anaerobic microorganisms does not exceed the indicators established by law.

* Concentration of mycotoxins (aflatoxin B1, ochratoxin A, toxin T-2).

* Content of radionuclides (cesium-137, strontium-90).

* GMO.

Pesticides. The wafers were tested for the content of 400 of the most common insecticides, herbicides, etc. In the products of one brand, the growth activator chlormequat chloride was found at a concentration of 0.026 mg / kg. This pesticide is not yet standardized in Russia in a finished product. No pesticides were found in the rest of the samples.

Sweeteners and preservatives. The study did not reveal such synthetic sweeteners as aspartame, acesulfame potassium, saccharin (and its salts – saccharinates) and cyclamic acid (and its salts – cyclamates).

As for the preservatives, the brand name wafers “Mulya Krasotulya” the presence of sorbic acid was recorded – 0.058 g / kg. Most likely, the preservative got into the product by accident – for example, together with the starting material. We did not find sorbic or benzoic acid in wafers of other brands.

Transgender. The regulations limit the content of trans isomers of fatty acids (trans fats) to 2% of the total fat in the product (that is, the margarine, cooking or confectionery fat used to create confectionery products, milk fat substitute, etc., can contain no more than 2% trans fats) … The wafers studied did not exceed this indicator: in most products, trans fats were less than 1%.


Considering that sucrose in wafers is not standardized by GOST, Roskachestvo referred this indicator to reference values, taking as the optimal sugar content – 22 g per 100 g of product (according to the WHO recommendation).

The results of the study showed that the sugar content in waffles of 17 brands was higher than 22 g per 100 g of product, in two brands – twice. This is TM “What you need!” (43.5%) and Miss Jucy (45.2%).

On the contrary, the most moderate in sugar content were TM “Mulya Krasotulya” (22.7%) and “Meat” (21.8%).


This, of course, is the main highlight of the chocolate flavored waffles. And one of the main criteria for the quality of the filling is the degree of grinding, which characterizes the amount of particles less than 35 microns (micrometers) in size in the product. The higher the grinding degree of the filling, the more delicate, creamy and enveloping its consistency.

According to the Roskachestvo standard, the crushing degree of the filling must be at least 50%. The waffles did not meet this indicator “Myasnov” (46%), “Retro-Sladonezh” (44.4%), “What you need!” (43.1%) and “Nyam-Nyamka” (42.4%)… On the contrary, the highest rates are for TM Azbuka Vkusa (85.6%), Yashkino (80.2%), Bayan Sulu (73.6%), Kolomenskoe (71.5%)

The cleanliness of the filling is assessed by such an indicator as “ash insoluble in a 10% solution of hydrochloric acid” (reflects the presence of mineral impurities in the filling – sand, earth, dust). According to GOST, contamination is allowed in a safe amount of not more than 0.1 mg / kg. In all wafers, the content of such impurities fluctuated in the range of 0.02 mg / kg.

In wafers with chocolate flavor, there are two types of filling: fatty cocoa and, in fact, chocolate. To distinguish one from the other, experts looked at the content of theobromine, a chemical compound found in cocoa. Fatty cocoa filling corresponds to 20 mg of theobromine per 100 g of filling, chocolate – 150 mg. All wafers corresponded to one of two types, except for TM “Yum-Yum”: This product has a theobromine content of 16.6 mg per 100 g.


Comparing the actual indicators of the protein and fat content in waffles with the indicators stated in the labeling, the experts identified discrepancies in the products of the four TMs.

In waffles Manner actual protein content was higher than stated, and actual fat content was lower. Despite the fact that the product turns out to be a little healthier (after all, there is less fat and more protein), this is a violation in terms of the reliability of the labeling. A similar situation is with TM “Retro-Sladonezh” – there were no discrepancies in the declared and real protein content, but the fat was less.

In waffles “Mulya Krasotulya” there was less protein, and in Miss Jucy the amount of both protein and fat was lower than stated.

Some manufacturers, although they met all the quality requirements, still “sinned” in the labeling. One of the most common violations is when waffles write that they are chocolate, while “chocolate” is formed only due to the use of cocoa powder, and not the presence of pure chocolate in the composition. Therefore, it is more appropriate to say that these are waffles with chocolate flavor.

So, waffles Mulya Krasotulya “ position themselves as “chocolate-chocolate”, but in fact, the composition contains fatty cocoa-containing filling. How “chocolate waffles” defines itself and TM “Yashkino”… On the packaging of waffles “Capriccio” it is indicated that they are “with real chocolate” (in fact, the content of theobromine from cocoa in them corresponds to the filling of a mixture of fats and cocoa). How chocolate is presented and TM waffles Torero

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