Oct 9, 2021
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Vucic named the reason for the gas trouble in Europe: I had to talk with Russia

Alexander Vucic named the cause of Europe’s gas trouble. In his opinion, the EU countries should have talked with Russia and signed treaties with it. Due to the fact that this was not done, a fuel crisis broke out in many states.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic hopes that it will be possible to sign a gas supply contract with Gazprom at $ 270 per thousand cubic meters, local newspaper Tanjug reports.

The head of state noted that since the beginning of this month the republic has been a transit country for Russian “blue fuel”, since raw materials are now moving from the Turkish Stream via the Balkan Stream through Serbia to Hungary.

At the same time, gas supplies from Russia to the country itself along this route started at the beginning of this year, Vucic recalled.

He added that now it is necessary to extend the agreement with Moscow and ensure that the cost of fuel remains the same, since it is extremely necessary for the industry of the state.

In addition, the Serbian leader explained why many EU countries are currently experiencing a real gas crisis:

Because the contracts with Russia were not concluded on time.

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