Jul 1, 2020
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VR technology

VR technology is gradually conquering the world, and every self-respecting man seeks to know the scope of its use. VIAR technologies help to plunge into the virtual world with the help of computer modeling capacities and imagination of the developer, which is not limited. Every year exhibitions are held, where possible, if not to buy, to try yourself in the role of operator.

What is VR technology

All that is needed is a computer and output means, for example, virtual reality goggles. In addition to the points there are special rooms with Motion Parallax 3D displays for maximum involvement which is possible only when exposed to our main senses – sight, hearing, smell, vestibular system (the sense of position in space and acceleration).

Main industries of interest to vr developers:

  • real estate;
  • the tourist business;
  • construction industry;
  • fashion and beauty;
  • sports direction;
  • medicine;
  • the field of entertainment;
  • education;
  • the automotive industry.

The main sectors for vr developers

Real estate

In this area the use of vr technology allows to increase sales by improving the quality of the ad content. The buyer comes into the office, wears glasses and is immediately transferred in your future apartment or house. Perhaps the creation of a show room or exhibition with property for sale for a huge number of potential customers without leaving your outlets. In addition to client sides of the issue, it is possible to increase the pace of construction of any building, developing a project is not on paper, but in 3D, with objects which can be accessed only by wearing special glasses.

VR technology in real estate

Travel business

Travel without leaving home become a reality not only thanks to Google maps. VIAR allows you to see the distant horizons unknown to us, and inaccessible to the usual tourist places: to see the Eiffel Tower from the height of bird's flight, to climb the highest peak of mount Everest. Now to review the hotel prior to booking and the photos of the reviews, and after the virtual tour right down to the beds of your room.

The construction industry

It is very convenient to create the home of your dreams without spending a lot of money and time. The Manager of a construction firm can easily create a dream kitchen for any client and builders instructions for assembling furniture or installing equipment.

VR technology in construction

Fashion and beauty

Every fashionista wants to have the ability to quickly try on garments. Every designer wants even more freedom when creating a future masterpiece. The world of virtual reality does not limit all creativity to the Creator and helps to do the impossible.

Sports direction

The athlete will be able to see their mistakes, and fan to be in the arena of your favorite team the right time to plunge into the atmosphere of wrestling and competition.


One of the most important areas. Brings not only financial benefits, but also saves lives. A glimpse into the human body without disturbing its integrity. Any kind of examination or medical developments can not do without a computer simulation, and virtual reality brings us closer to a healthier future.

Of VR technology in medicine


The most lucrative at the moment the industry, which involves people of all ages. There is nothing better than to spend your free time with your friends for an exciting game. In addition to the helmet / glasses was developed many accessories that enhance the feeling of movement in the virtual world. Gloves, swords and even arrows – a partial list of developments for the games, as well as for mundane tasks such as training pilots or gunners.

VR technologies in entertainment


Vr-technologies in education is very important for a student and a teacher. You no longer need to develop complex material flow – complex things are explained easily with the help of 3D graphics, which is created by professionals and is available is perceived by any person. Thanks to vr technology, you can learn almost anything, ranging from foreign language to science.

Of VR technology in education

The automotive industry

The technology of virtual reality vr has given us many great cars. The automotive industry is an important contributor in the development of virtual and augmented reality. Vr and ar technologies are the links in a chain, which is inextricably cooperate and complement each other, making our world better and brighter.

AR – augmented reality, augmented reality, which combines the objects of the real world and the virtual.

Brought the lens of the camera phone to the Egyptian pyramids and immediately recognized their age, history and where the nearest tray of cold drinks. Convenient, right? VR develops and creates new technologies that now find their application, and this is just the early dawn of this trend. In the future we will see tremendous opportunities for VR, AR and MR technologies.

Of VR technology in the automotive industry

Annual news vr technology predict the appearance of a real MR – mixed reality (mixed reality) will change our world. It is not far off the presentation of vr technology where the operator controls the fictional objects and on the fly changes reality. Unimaginable, but possible. The speed of technology development will grow repeatedly, you cannot stop progress.

Mr technology enables to design cars, homes, living cells without touching them. A world in which virtual objects have the same physical properties as real. The main goal is to accurately and efficiently recreate the virtual copy development and then introduce her life. Sometime in the future operator will be able to influence real-world objects, changing their virtual copy.

VR technology in mechanical engineering

Existing vr development available to most of us, because vr technology is required wide bandwidth of the Internet. Most of the development of local and start at the place of sale. Despite this, for comfortable use requires high computational power – 4K picture resolution and 60Hz refresh rate.

Mass adoption of vr technology has contributed to the development of all sectors of humanity. Any technology to a new level, requires new methods for its implementation. In place of yesterday's methods come new, more progressive and qualitatively better ways of testing, creation and implementation. This industry can bring not only benefits, but also financial resources, the horizons of which it is hard to imagine. That is what attracts young and talented programmers, designers and engineers to create new and interesting projects.

Of VR technology in different spheres of life

Similar vr technology in education is in Russia. The size of the investment increased 3.5 times, from $200 million in 2016 to $700 million in 2018. Financial investments are beneficial to the progressive development of online education, which in turn gives a boost to the economy as a whole.

News vr technology 2018 predicting the imminent growth of the industry subject to the same rapid development of computing power of computer systems. In addition to the basic technical difficulties, the VR world is faced with the fact that not all people are comfortable to use helmets or glasses. Has its side effects such as nausea and dizziness. Mass market consumers are not yet ready to be used for daily use of VR, AR and MR technologies.

To date, you can highlight the best of vr technology in 2018:

  • HTC Vive Deluxe Audio Strap (futuristic helmet, fit for any purpose);
  • KOR-FX Force Feedback Vest (the vest that allows you to experience the interaction between human and virtual reality);
  • Leap Motion (tracking the position and movement of the hands and interpretirovat them as joystick);
  • Oculus Santa Cruz (the prototype of the new wireless helmet).

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