Oct 18, 2020
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Voting in the presidential election begins in Guinea

Presidential elections have begun in Guinea. Voting opened at 448 polling stations, with 5.3 million voters on the voter lists, SABC reported.

12 people are running for the presidency, including the incumbent head of state, Alpha Condé, who is running for a third term. His main rival is the opposition leader, former Prime Minister Selu Dalein Diallo. The atmosphere in the country is tense due to recent attacks on army bases.

Preliminary results of voting will be announced in the middle of the week, if none of the candidates overcomes the 50% barrier, a second round will take place on November 24.

Elections will be held in Bolivia today. After the presidential elections a year ago, protests began, Evo Morales, recognized as the winner, resigned and left the country.

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