Sep 20, 2021
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Voting Crimea nearly died of boredom

Voting Crimea nearly died of boredom

Photo: Sergey Malgavko / TASS

Although it’s autumn, the sunny peninsula is still grateful for the spring return to its home harbor. And for this reason alone, the Crimean result of the “party in power” is noticeably higher than the average Russian indicators.

Such layouts without any bluntness were confirmed by the head of the republican organization of United Russia, the speaker of the State Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan Vladimir Konstantinov… “We are in the shadow of 2014” – he explains his current success precisely with the echoes of the “Crimean Spring”. According to him, “there is no request for a replacement of power for Crimea”. Likewise, there is still “no public demand for protest moods.”

But how long will the Crimean EdRo stand in the shadow of the polite people from the Kremlin? The task for the near future, Konstantinov called a change in tactics. More specifically, it is necessary, finally, to learn “not to go frontally, but to descend to the point solution of issues.”

It turns out that they did not really solve point issues. All of Russia knows how brilliantly the mainland “Putin” structures are fulfilling the Federal Target Program for the Development of the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol. Bridge, airport, highway “Tavrida” – you can list for a long time. On the other hand, many points of the FOC assigned to the official Simferopol were chronically delayed or even failed altogether. This list is even longer.

Nevertheless, the final turnout on the evening of September 19 was 49.75%. For comparison, exactly five years ago, a little more than 42% of Crimeans came to the ballot boxes. Now “United Russia” took 63.33% of the vote on the peninsula. The Communist Party and the Liberal Democratic Party have 9.15% and 7.75%, respectively.

Against the background of an unexpectedly passing federal result, the Crimean “New People” failed, receiving 3.96%. For example, in the single-mandate district of Sevastopol, MIPT professor, popular blogger Alexey Savvateev… His math channel on YouTube is very popular and well-deserved.

Grandson of the Head of the Department of Higher Mathematics of the Military Engineering Academy of the Red Army Isaac LurieFor some reason, he decided to run from a completely new liberal center-right party, which according to all polls does not enjoy any support here at all. And the comments on the Sevastopol portals seemed logical: “The probability of your election is extremely low. It’s like a mathematician, of course, you must understand … “

There is no doubt that Savvateev is a world-famous scientist. But one scientific authority in the province by the sea was clearly not enough. Feeling the situation, already at the end of the election campaign, an extravagant Muscovite attacked the head of Sberbank with criticism. In particular, he said loudly, they say, massive digitalization with the installation of TV screens in Russian schools, which is being promoted by Gref, Is a “dull crooked kitchen knife used for heart surgery.”

– Gref does not understand anything about the activities of education. Why are they listening to him in all seriousness? Either the world is going crazy, or I am. But I know that I am normal, – quite seriously asserted the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences. – Never, German Oskarovich, do not speak out about education, you do not understand anything about it. The world of a normal person will say to Gref: don’t meddle in your own business. I must tell him this Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin… Please put Gref in his place.

Further more. “In general, I would ask him a question: whose citizen are you? If a citizen of our homeland, why does your Sberbank not work in Crimea? I am not saying: enter Crimea tomorrow. But if he has any objective reasons not to enter Crimea, let him openly voice them to everyone. And we will analyze and discuss them with the whole country, ”the 47-year-old professor of one of the most authoritative universities in the country called hopelessly.

Alas, it didn’t work out. Another surprise was the results of A Just Russia – For the Truth. The most authoritative expert assessments practically guaranteed her a Crimean victory with a much more serious percentage than on the mainland. Among the reasons – the huge number of residents of the DPR and LPR who settled here. The vast majority of cars with Ukrainian numbers that now drive on the roads of Crimea are in the Donetsk region. The majority managed to obtain Russian citizenship, and were ready to vote for the deputy battalion commander Zakhara Prilepina… As well as many real Crimeans who sympathize with the idea of ​​returning Donbass.

Alas, in Crimea the party gave out only 5.93%. It is noticeably lower than the all-Russian figure, for which there is an extremely interesting explanation. For the past few weeks, in prime time, a popular radio station with a nostalgic Komsomol name stubbornly broadcast speeches across the peninsula Mikhail Delyagin… Incidentally, advisor to the head of the Duma faction “Fair Russia” Sergei Mironov

A stream of hatred towards the current government poured on the air. The State Duma candidate himself, Mr. Delyagin, among other things, recommended going to the polling station, purchasing pens with special ink, which after a while become invisible. Moscow, dear to every Crimean heart, he stubbornly called Moskabad.

The reaction of the southern electorate turned out to be appropriate.

Nevertheless, here is a statement of the public situation from one of the most authoritative Crimean journalists, the general producer of the republican TV and radio company Oleg Kryuchkov: “Crimea is like Crimea. Everything is smooth and boring … All “uncompromising” oppositionists and opportunists will start dialing the coveted numbers and negotiating by the evening. The war is over, thank you all! .. “.

Perhaps the main hit of the past three-day period was the events in Yalta and Evpatoria. The resort capital of the South Coast reacted creatively to the elections. Plot number 514 is located in the building of the Yalta maternity hospital. The institution itself is respected, although it was here that the loudest performance of the current election campaign in Russia took place. On Saturday morning, September 18, a man came to the hospital, dressed in a brown sheepskin coat, light sneakers and a horse mask – large and white.

To the laughter of those present and the questions “Who are you?” the voter replied quite naturally that he was a horse in a coat. Submitted documents, signed the statement as a resident of the South Coast Highway. Because of the high mask, I could hardly climb into the voting booth. Then he threw the ballots into the ballot box, without any problems went home.

Judging by the fact that the policeman present at the station did not react in any way to what was happening and did not even get up from his chair to bind the violator of public order – it was an organized, pre-planned comedy. Typical details. The first video with a horse was posted on his Instagram and Facebook by the Yalta mayor Yanina Pavlenko… Well, the members of the election commission did not even think about fulfilling their direct duty – to verify the photo on the passport with the person who presented the passport.

In any case, the horse in his coat did not take off his mask. In the same way, a girl who portrayed “a miracle in feathers” voted cheerfully and without problems in the resort Yevpatoria. A fluffy tulle suit from head to toe and a white makeup mask that completely hid the outlines of her face did not stop her from paying her civic duty, as well as arranging an exciting photo session at the curtain of the voting booth.

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