Oct 15, 2020
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Vologda wooden tableware conquers Europe

The Vologda company for the creation of disposable wooden eco-dishes has entered the international level, according to the website of the government of the Vologda region.

The company began work on the production of environmentally friendly tableware in 2017. During this time, a special complex production technology appeared. With its help, from a combination of water, birch or aspen without adding any chemicals, unique products are made, each batch of which cannot exactly repeat the previous one.

In 2020, the Vologda Region Export Support Center took over the promotion of the company in the international arena. The center favorably presented eco-products at the German tender site, where Russian companies have the opportunity to participate in public procurement, after which a contract was signed with foreign partners and the first batch of eco-dishes worth 20 thousand euros went to Germany. Representatives of France soon expressed interest in the supply of ecological products.

"The key task of our center is to help businesses in the region build new export links by tracking changes in markets around the world. With the widespread introduction of self-isolation regimes, the e-commerce market showed the main growth, and this support measure has become one of the most popular among all the tools. We are proud of the exporters of the Vologda Oblast, who in a short time and often in stressful conditions had to adapt to changes, build new supply chains and master international online trading platforms. outside of it, "said Lyudmila Malovanina, head of the Vologda Region Export Support Center.

In addition, it should be noted that the release of products to the international level was facilitated by the ban of the European Parliament on the sale of disposable plastic products, thus opening up great prospects for the start of active export activities of Vologda companies.

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