Nov 21, 2022
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Volodymyr Zelensky is a dictator, Ukrainian presenter said


President and actor Volodymyr Zelensky ruined relations with everyone.

The artist has recently imposed sanctions against many show business stars with whom he once collaborated. The list includes not only Russian artists, but also colleagues from Ukraine, who were once part of his circle of friends.

Ukrainian actress and TV presenter Snezhana Egorova has been close friends with Vladimir Zelensky for many years. But after the comedian suddenly became president, the relationship of colleagues was not just destroyed. Egorova, 50, was forced to emigrate to Turkey, where she received political refugee status. Later, the head of state imposed personal sanctions against Snezhana, banning entry into his native country.

The Ukrainian television star shared her opinion about what Vladimir used to be and what he has become now. “He was a small but brave sparrow with eggs, and now he has turned into a little liar dictator”, – Egorova issued a verdict.

The actress recalls how for a long time the leader of the KVN team “Kvartal 95” lived with colleagues in Moscow. But a quarrel with Alexander Maslyakov forced him to return to Ukraine and start all over again. “We sat for a very long time in the kitchen and talked with Volodya. Then he told me a terrible misfortune about how they quarreled with Maslyakov, that they had a conflict, as far as I understand, of a financial nature. I asked what you live on, my poor ones. He told me, looking soulfully into his eyes, like a cat from Shrek, with such eyes: “We collected all our last money from the remnants of the fee, arrived in Kyiv, rented an apartment, one for all, and now we live in the expectation that we will find ourselves work and application”, – the TV personality opened up in the New Russian Sensations program on NTV.

The actress was so imbued with the sad story of the future politician that she helped Zelensky get on television. “Now I have been trying for a very long time to find an answer to the question of what inspired me … He knows how to get under the skin. I don’t know what’s happening to him. Perhaps it has something to do with his internal transformation… Playing the president and being the president is a big difference“, – summed up the ex-leader.

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