Jan 14, 2022
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Volodin: The US Congress needs to discuss the agreements between Putin and Biden

State Duma Chairman Vyacheslav Volodin said that members of the US Congress should discuss and implement the agreements between Russian and American presidents Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden, and not new sanctions against the Russian Federation. The politician wrote about this in Telegram.

He recalled that two weeks earlier, the heads of state agreed on a serious and meaningful dialogue.

“We all believed that common sense would prevail and Washington would make a reasonable decision. But instead, hysterical statements about sanctions against our country are heard in the US Parliament,” Volodin wrote. – The presidents of our countries agreed to start consultations on global security issues. In this regard, it is necessary to discuss and implement the agreements of the heads of state, and not be rude, threaten and intimidate.”

The speaker of the lower house added that the sanctions “do not frighten anyone, they only destroy relations.”

Earlier, The Washington Post reported that the White House supported new sanctions against Russia. They may affect high-ranking Russian military and officials, including the President of the Russian Federation.

Also, the White House could not name the date of the meeting between Biden and Putin. The last stage of Russian-American consultations on security guarantees ended in Europe the day before.

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