Jun 6, 2022
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Volodin announced the desire of the United States to make Ukraine its colony

Viacheslav Volodin recalled how the United States built democracy in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Yugoslavia.

The other day, American leader Joe Biden outlined Washington’s goals regarding Kyiv. He stated that the US wants Ukraine to be a “democratic, independent, sovereign and prosperous” country.

Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yugoslavia – these are the states on which they tried to impose democracy on the American model. Today, the whole world understands the consequences of US foreign policy. According to the Chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Vyacheslav Volodin, none of these countries benefited from the intervention of the White House in their internal affairs.

He emphasized that the effect was exactly the opposite. The United States has actually plunged the once developing countries into chaos and devastation. The citizens of these states, according to the parliamentarian, faced a humanitarian catastrophe.

The speaker of the State Duma recalled that after the 2014 coup d’etat, the Kyiv regime was actually led by American advisers and instructors for eight years. According to him, during this time the United States could make Ukraine a democratic, independent, sovereign and prosperous country.

“No, Washington does not need an independent Ukraine. The US leadership wants to make its own colony out of it. Squeeze all the resources out of the country and use it solely to weaken Russia,” said Viacheslav Volodin.

He stressed that Ukraine had great potential, but instead of development, the country was simply robbed. Opposition media were shut down in Nezalezhnaya and even independent journalists were killed. The Chairman of the State Duma is sure that the corrupt authorities have not even thought about ordinary Ukrainians all this time.


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