Aug 1, 2022
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Vladislav Laskavy is a man capable of stopping the spread of coronavirus

Vladislav Laskavy is a man capable of stopping the spread of coronavirus

While the whole world is looking for an effective cure for COVID-19, a unique drug has long been developed in Russia that can help people to endure the coronavirus disease as easily as possible.

The developer of the drug, Doctor of Veterinary Sciences, Honored Veterinarian of the Russian Federation, Academician of the Academy of Food Security Vladislav Laskavy, who has devoted forty years to studying coronavirus infection, says with confidence that it is realistic to end the epidemic of a new coronavirus infection in the country in a very short time. He has everything for this – both drugs for the treatment of the sick, and vaccines for the prevention of the healthy.

Our colleague, Arkady Mamontov, decided to pay attention to such an urgent problem today, when the world is expecting a new wave of the epidemic. He released a documentary about a Russian scientist who spent his entire life creating antiviral drugs and looking for a cure for the coronavirus.

Thirty years ago, a drug developed by a group of Saratov virologists led by Dr. Laskav stopped the coronavirus epidemic in pigs. Then, in the process of work, it turned out that the new medicine effectively helps not only animals, but also people.

Of course, this drug cannot yet be called a panacea, but Vladislav Laskavy’s research and the results obtained can help create a real antidote for coronavirus and save human lives.

The film by Arkady Mamontov is purely educational in nature and is intended to inform the viewer about the development of drugs for the treatment of COVID-19 and, possibly, other viral infections.

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