Feb 17, 2021
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Vladimir Yaglych was first published with his 3-year-old daughter

13:45, 17.02.2021

The actor and his family attended the premiere of the film “The Little Humpbacked Horse”.

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Yesterday at the Oktyabr cinema center the premiere of the animated blockbuster The Little Humpbacked Horse took place. The film was presented by the film crew. The first spectators of the film were domestic show business stars, and many came to the premiere with children. So, Vladimir Yaglych first came out with his three-year-old daughter Eve… The wife of the actor Antonina Papernaya accompanied them to the carpet. Yaglych and his wife hid their daughter for a long time. For the first time, the couple showed Eve’s face in the winter of 2020.

Vladimir Yaglych with his wife Antonina and daughter Eva

By the way, Maria Kozhevnikova and her sons also attended the premiere of The Little Humpbacked Horse. Recall that the actress gave birth to children married to a businessman Evgeny Vasiliev, with whom they have been together for seven years. Firstborn Ivan was born in January 2014. A year later appeared Maksim, and in 2017 – Basil… Kozhevnikova devotes all her free time to boys, and also brags about the success of her offspring in her microblog on Instagram.

Maria Kozhevnikova at the premiere of the film “The Little Humpbacked Horse”

Appeared on the carpet and Jan Tsapnik with his daughter Elizabethwho was born in 2001. The girl, along with her father, often attends social events. Earlier, the actor shared that Lisa, who graduated from high school in 2019, plans to enter a theater university.

However, in an exclusive video interview “Around TV” Tsapnik said that Elizabeth did not go to the theater institute. Then the artist attacked the masters who did not accept his daughter. Tsapnik shared that auditions for theater are often conducted by trainees and students who think they can teach only after reading Stanislavsky’s book.

Yan Tsypnik with his daughter Elizaveta

The wife and children of Anton Shagin, who played the main role in the film The Little Humpbacked Horse, came to support him. The actor is married to his classmate Veronika Isaeva, who studied the art of stage speech in the magistracy of the Shchukin School. In 2008, the lovers had a son Matvey, and in 2014 – daughter Pauline

Anton Shagin’s wife and children came to support him at the premiere of the film

Maria Shalaeva for the first time in a long time came out with her daughter Evdokia, who was born in 2010 in the marriage of an actress to a composer Ivan Lubennikov… We add that Shalaeva was married twice. Maria’s first husband was actor Dmitry Shevchenko, from whom she had a son in 2005 Nestor

Maria Shalaeva at the premiere of the film “The Little Humpbacked Horse”

Alexey Chadov is very close to his six-year-old son Fedor from Agnia Ditkovskite. Despite the divorce of the artists, the actor often spends time with the boy and takes an active part in his upbringing. So, Chadov decided to show Fedor the film “The Little Humpbacked Horse” and appeared with him at the premiere.

Alexey Chadov with his son Fedor

Tatiana Lazareva and her daughter watched the film Antonina… By the way, the actress and her husband Mikhail Shats are raising three children: 15-year-old Antonina and 23-year-old Sophia, as well as the son of a TV presenter from a past relationship – 25-year-old Stepan… The eldest son and daughter of stellar parents strive to realize themselves in creative professions. Stepan is engaged in 3D modeling, and Sophia is focused on producing, and also hosts her own Youtube show “Over 20”.

Tatyana Lazareva with her daughter

Mariana Spivak, who prefers not to talk about her personal life, attended the premiere with her son Grisha and my husband is an actor Anton Kuznetsov… Maryana called her husband an exemplary family man and a caring man more than once. And the son of the couple, being a toddler, has already appeared on the screen in the project “Companions”.

Maryana Spivak with her husband and son

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