Jun 30, 2020
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Vladimir Solovyov said that his former co-host Anna Shafran “killed” Ksenia Sobchak

Famous Russian TV presenter and journalist Vladimir Solovyov in one of the editions of his YouTube show was invited to broadcast a former colleague at TV shows Anne of Saffron, which left the project in early June as a result of the conflict by a journalist. While Solovyov even awarded her the victory over a colleague Ksenia Sobchak, saying that he completely “destroyed” the opponent.

Vladimir Solovyov said that his former co-host Anna Shafran

“Anna won one of the gates, she actually destroyed Ksenia Sobchak, took and tore it,” – said the TV presenter, announcing the emergence of Saffron in the air its transmission. After leading appeared on the sides began to discuss her new hairstyle, and later she shared her impressions of the interview with Ksenia Sobchak. “We easily talked. I have had a feeling like people are judging everything that is happening around, and about other people, only myself,” – she added.

The Saffron noted that the interview went only to more clearly indicate their position and accents, as well as to publicly disassociate themselves from non-system opposition.

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