Jun 6, 2022
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Vladimir Putin’s last warning: the special operation will move to a fundamentally new level

Vladimir Putin's last warning: the special operation will move to a fundamentally new level

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The reaction of the West to Russia’s “military special operation” on the territory of Ukraine is forcing Moscow to take new, even tougher steps. This writes “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

The publication notes that the failure of the visit of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to Serbia showed that the West is ready to follow the path of escalation of the situation. The West really intends to continue to keep the skies closed for Russian aviation, which means it can take other unfriendly steps.

Now there is talk about the transfer of long-range MLRS to Ukraine. Although Kyiv guarantees that it will not use them for strikes against Russia, this promise can be broken. In Moscow, they said that in this case they would hit the decision-making centers in Kyiv with missiles.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the “military special operation” of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine has come close to its transition to a fundamentally new level. He stressed that in response to strikes on the Russian Federation, attacks on objects that Russia has not yet attacked will follow. Putin added that Russia has all the necessary weapons for this.

Experts are unequivocally unprepared to say what could serve as a reason for the Kremlin to further increase rates, but they know that Moscow will not put up with strikes against Russia. Kyiv does not intend to cede the territory of Ukraine to Russia. And this also applies to Crimea, which even in the West is not recognized as Russian.

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