Jul 1, 2020
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Vladimir Putin’s address to the Russians on June 30. Main

Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed to the Russians on the eve of the main day of voting on amendments to the Constitution. The head of state delivered an address against the background of the Rzhevsky Memorial to the Soviet Soldier, which was inaugurated in the Tver region on June 30. The opening of the memorial was also attended President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. cites the main talking points of the Russian leader's address.

Russians on the shoulder of the most difficult tasks

Vladimir Putin noted that the fates and aspirations of different generations of our ancestors, whose heirs, now living Russians, continue their historical path, are connected in Russia.

"Dear citizens of Russia. Today, a monument to hundreds of thousands of Soviet soldiers fighting under Rzhev has been unveiled on Tverskaya Land. They went into battle so that we would live under a peaceful sky, work, love, create, be proud of Russia, a country of unique civilization and great culture. A country where the destinies, hopes, aspirations of many generations of our ancestors are connected. We, their heirs, continue this inseparable millennial historical path. And we know that when we are together, even in a critical situation we have the most difficult tasks," the head of state said.

Russians vote for the country they want to live in

The President noted that Russians vote not just for amendments to the Basic Law of the state, but for "the country in which we want to live, with modern education and health care, with reliable social protection of citizens, with effective power, accountable to society."

According to Putin, when making such an important decision, everyone thinks about their loved ones and builds on the values that unite us. "It is true and justice, it is respect for the man of labor, for the people of older generations, it is the family and care for children, their health, moral, spiritual upbringing," the Russian leader explained. According to him, if citizens support the amendments, these values and principles will be enshrined "as the highest, unconditional constitutional guarantees."

Russia's sovereignty rests on patriotism

Only through development and only joint actions Russians can achieve stability, security and well-being of our country, Putin said.

"It is on our responsibility, on our sincere feelings of patriotism, concern for the Motherland that russia's sovereignty is held, as well as on respect for our history, culture, native language, traditions, and our memory of the achievements and accomplishments of our ancestors," the head of state added.

The amendments will only come into force if approved by citizens

Putin once again stressed his position. "It is clear, unchanged and absolutely firm: the updated text of the Constitution, all proposed amendments will come into force only with your approval, with your support," the president said.

At the end of the speech, the head of state thanked those who had already come to the all-Russian vote and asked the others to come to the polling stations on July 1 and make their choice. "The voice of each of you is the most important, the most important," the Russian leader said.

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