Nov 1, 2021
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Vladimir Putin takes off his wristwatch before long negotiations


Vladimir Putin takes off his wristwatch before long negotiations
Administration of the President of Russia

The Russian leader refused to travel to Rome for the G20 summit. He took part in the event via video link from his office.

Before the G20 meeting, Putin took off his watch and pushed it aside so that it would not interfere with the frame. The journalists quickly figured out the meaning of this gesture. They found out that this is how the head of the Russian Federation signifies his readiness for long and tense negotiations. The absence of a wristwatch allows you not to be distracted from the discussion of important issues and not to keep track of the time.

“When Putin came to the G20 meeting, he took off his watch before the start. According to our observations, he does this when the event is definitely going to be long. And then he pushed them away from himself, so as not to interfere in the frame, “- said in the program” Moscow. Kremlin. Putin “.

During his speech at the G20 summit, Vladimir Putin mentioned serious world problems, which can only be solved by the joint efforts of the strongest powers. The Russian leader also touched on the topic of climate, noting temperature changes in the Russian Federation and in the world over the past 10 years and expressing concern about the melting of permafrost.

Earlier, CNN explained Vladimir Putin’s refusal to personally attend the G20 summit. The journalists suggested that the head of state considered it irrational to waste time on an event where he did not expect any “breakthrough” decisions.

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