May 27, 2022
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Vladimir Presnyakov was the hero’s lover, says the famous singer


Singer Vladimir Presnyakov allegedly cheated on Kristina Orbakaite with Lika Star.

In the 2000s, the artist released a video for the song “Migratory Bird”, in which her former chosen one Vladimir Presnyakov took part. Thus, Kristina Orbakaite wanted to draw attention to the video.

Christina broke up with Presnyakov in 1997. Despite this, the artists managed to maintain warm relations for the sake of their common son Nikita. Therefore, it was not difficult for Orbakaite to invite the musician to his project.

When we thought over the clip “Migratory Bird”, we realized that we needed a partner. I wanted to come up with something original. Then I said – if you want a conflict, then there is Vladimir Presnyakov. And at that moment he called me”, The 51-year-old performer recalled in an interview on Central Television.

The relationship between Orbakaite and Presnyakov lasted more than 10 years. The reason for the separation of the stars, according to rumors, was the betrayal of Vladimir … He himself repented of his actions and was very worried about the breakup of the family.

Vladimir Presnyakov - photo from the archive -
Vladimir Presnyakov – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

I want to say again: I consider that period one of the happiest. Yes, there was a lot of pain, but it was not in vain! I am very grateful to Christina for everything that happened, for my son ...” – the performer was frank.

At one time it was rumored that the singer was allegedly carried away by a colleague in the star shop Lika Star, which is why Orbakaite chose to part with him. Lika categorically refutes such arguments in his address. “I am ready to spit in the face of anyone who will foam at the mouth to prove that I caused the breakup. Volodya, of course, is a good guy, but he had many hobbies, and I was not the last. He got carried away with me – and thank God! There is something to remember!Star stated.

Today, Christina is married to businessman Mikhail Zemtsov, and Vladimir Presnyakov is married to Natalya Podolskaya. Former lovers often cross paths at family reunions and get along with each other’s soul mates.

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