Nov 1, 2022
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Vladimir Presnyakov wanted a daughter during a serious illness


Singer Vladimir Presnyakov spoke about his condition.

The performer of the hits “You are my only one” and “Airports” had to take a break from work. Vladimir suffered a serious illness. More than a week ago, he felt very unwell. The singer’s condition worsened every day. Presnyakov went to the doctors for help. Specialists diagnosed him with pneumonia.

The former common-law husband of Kristina Orbakaite suspected that he had contracted the coronavirus. He passed the corresponding analysis, but the result was negative. Vladimir decided to be treated at home, refused hospitalization. However, he cut contact with relatives to keep them healthy. The disease did not allow the artist to attend the birthday party of his son Ivan.

To return Vladimir to tone, the doctors resorted to serious methods of treatment. They achieved their goal: the people’s favorite is already recuperating. “Now I feel good. I was put on drips, I had severe pneumonia“, Vladimir explained.

Vladimir Presnyakov - photo from the archive -
Vladimir Presnyakov – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

According to the schedule, the composer had a solo concert in Moscow. The husband of Natalia Podolskaya was worried about this, he did everything to make the event take place. Behind the scenes, it became clear that Presnyakov had not yet completely recovered from pneumonia. “I was looking forward to this moment. There were thoughts to reschedule the performance. But then I realized that I have no way out“, – said the singer.

Natalya, along with her sons Ivan and Artemy, came to the concert. Vladimir attaches great importance to loved ones. “Family is the most important. I do my best to be with her as often as possible.,” Vladimir said.

He also thinks about replenishment in the family. The father of three sons dreams of a daughter. “She will be a saint. Glorious, ”the Prozvezd portal quotes the musician as saying.

Speaking to the public at the Crocus Concert Hall, Presnyakov said that he would not receive anything for that evening. All proceeds will go to help the soldiers.

Hi guys! Finally we met. Thanks to each of you for taking the time to come. You know that we canceled the concert due to the pandemic. Now everything has worked out, thank God! I salute each and every one of you. I want to say that we will give the entire fee of today’s concert to the guys who are at the forefront. And it’s thanks to you. Now let’s sing and live!‘ Vladimir added. His eldest son Nikita Presnyakov is now abroad.

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