May 2, 2021
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Vladimir Presnyakov unexpectedly bald and surprised fans

Vladimir Presnyakov-0, Jr. radically and unexpectedly for the fans changed his own image. The musician posted a photo on Instagram, in which he has absolutely no hair.

Vladimir Presnyakov unexpectedly bald and surprised fans

The “bald” photo of the singer is absolutely fresh, taken after his birthday. He is now resting in the Maldives and wrote that he was a little freaked out.

Probably 53-year-old Presnyakov in the heat and more importantly without hair, but he had previously very fluidly changed his own image. In his youth, he walked with long hair, subsequently cut his hair short.

However, no one imagined that he would shave.

For most of the musician’s sighs, such an extreme image did not appear. However, some have written that he is going to be bald. A line of subscribers asked the musician not to shave off his eyebrows.

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