Aug 7, 2022
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Vladimir Presnyakov told why he fell in love with Christina Orbakaite


Singer Vladimir Presnyakov revealed the secret of his personal life.

Happy married to Natalia Podolskaya, Vladimir Presnyakov still cannot forget his first love, Kristina Orbakaite. He said that they met at a Laima Vaikule concert. Volodya, who at that time was 18 years old, became interested in the daughter of Alla Pugacheva, who was barely 15.

It is not known whether he would have approached the girl or not, but then the Prima Donna took the initiative. She heartily told Presnyakov backstage that her daughter was interested in him. In fact, it was a blessing on the relationship.

At first, Vladimir was impressed by the modesty and Baltic restraint of the star daughter, but he finally lost his head from her when the other side of the well-bred Christina unexpectedly opened up.

Vladimir Presnyakov - photo from the archive -
Vladimir Presnyakov – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

It happened during the ice, when the boyfriend went to see the girl home, and she slipped and charged with such a three-story one that any sailor could envy her.

There was a monster inside”, – Presnyakov spoke warmly about the mother of his eldest son in an interview on the YouTube channel “Light around the World”.

But despite the fact that they began to live together, as soon as Christina was 16 years old and actually lived as a family for ten years, Presnyakov did not lead his beloved to the crown. And they broke up due to the fact that the musician was too carried away by social life, while Christina was raising her son Nikita at home.

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