Apr 19, 2021
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Vladimir Presnyakov Sr.was sent a kidney due to oncology

Vladimir Presnyakov Sr. lost his kidneys due to a malignant tumor.

Vladimir Presnyakov Sr.was sent a kidney due to oncology

The 75-year-old artist spoke about this on the air of the “Stars converged” program on the NTV channel. According to him, it all started with wallow in the side.

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“I thought that there was stone, sand, and when they did the examination, they opened up a malignant tumor. They took away one kidney, but people live without it, ”said Vladimir Presnyakov Sr.

The contractor added that in the present time he feels good and follows all the prescriptions of doctors.

All these times, the composer in the war against oncology is supported by his spouse. 74-year-old Elena Presnyakova worries about the faithful and does not leave him a single step. But at first he hid the disease from her.

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