Apr 2, 2021
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Vladimir Pozner remembered the difficulties due to which he abused alcohol for six months

13:36, 04/02/2021

The 87-year-old TV presenter shared his revelations on the show “The Fate of Man”.

Vladimir Pozner became a guest of Boris Korchevnikov’s program “The Fate of a Man”. Yesterday, on his birthday, the TV presenter spoke about his childhood, youth and the birth of his only daughter. Catherine… The stories of the 87-year-old master of Russian journalism were full of revelations. So, Vladimir Vladimirovich admitted that at the age of 17 he was seduced by an acquaintance of their family, a woman who was much older than him. Their whirlwind romance ended with an unwanted pregnancy, which the beloved of young Vladimir decided to interrupt.

Posner also said that when his daughter was three years old, he hit her in the face. This was due to the fact that little Katya ate poorly. The hero of the show explained his act with a fit of anger, but after that he never raised his hand either to his daughter or to his adopted son Petra Orlova, who, it should be noted, followed in the footsteps of Vladimir Vladimirovich and became a prominent figure in journalism.

Vladimir Pozner in the show “The Fate of a Man”

The second part of “The Fate of a Man” was devoted to Posner’s career on Soviet television. He told how the idea of ​​creating international television bridges arose and how the phrase of one of the talk show participants “There is no sex in the USSR”, which had thundered all over the world, actually ended. It turns out, the guest of Korchevnikov noted, that this remark had a continuation, but it was drowned out by applause, and therefore it sounded indistinct. Responding to the complaint of an elderly woman from Boston about the prevalence of violence and advertising on American TV, a resident of Leningrad wanted to say that there is no sex on television in the Soviet Union. Thus, the phrase, taken out of their context, went down in history.

Vladimir Pozner in the mid-1980s

However, it should be noted that fame came to Pozner when he was already over 50. The journalist admitted that before that, in the late 1970s, he was experiencing severe creative and life crises. He felt that he was being forced to say half-truths, that his dreams of seeing New York, in which he spent his childhood, were unrealizable. Recall that Vladimir Vladimirovich was not allowed abroad for almost 40 years because of his refusal to cooperate with the KGB. Because of all these troubles, Posner began to drink. “It was connected once again with the fact that I was denied leave, although it was promised, but once again I was hacked to death. Well, my reaction was as follows. I endured for a very long time, waited a very long time, but at that moment my strength changed, ”said Korchevnikov’s interlocutor.

Posner added that he took alcohol for six months, but he could not call it a binge. “A binge is what happens to alcoholics, when he cannot stop, no longer depends on him, since alcoholism is a disease. I was not an alcoholic, I just drank a lot so as not to think. And, of course, I worked, ”said Vladimir Vladimirovich. He noted that he was able to pull himself together, realizing that drinking is pointless and unproductive.

Father of Vladimir Pozner. Shot from “The Fate of a Man”

It is also worth adding that Posner explained his breakdown with the death of his father, who died in 1975. Vladimir Alexandrovich Pozner, who had been distributing Soviet cinema all his life, and at the end of his life organized his own film studio, which created such classics as “White Sun of the Desert”, died on an airplane, heading from Paris to Moscow. Posner Sr. returned to his homeland to be treated for leukemia, and a few years before that he had a heart attack. According to his son, problems at work became the cause of the developed disease. It was decided to make the studio of Vladimir Alexandrovich a part of Mosfilm, and his past achievements suddenly turned out to be of no use to anyone.

Note that after the triumph on Soviet television, Posner was invited to work in the United States, and he returned to his beloved New York for seven years. “It is impossible to convey the happiness that I experienced. In New York, I feel completely at home. I thought that I would stay there forever, but circumstances happened. Programs with Phil Donahue removed from the air, because his leadership demanded that we sign an agreement with conditions that were unacceptable for me. I had to return to Moscow, since there was work there, ”Vladimir Pozner shared a part of his biography.

American TV host and journalist Phil Donahue

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