Nov 3, 2021
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Vladimir Mashkov said his opinion about harassment


Actor Vladimir Mashkov commented on the scandalous interview with Elena Proklova.

This spring, the artist throughout the country announced that at the age of 15, a famous actor and director molested her. All and sundry criticized and condemned the artist for her revelations. Vladimir Mashkov tried to the last not to interfere in a loud scandal.

57-year-old Vladimir Lvovich did not take sides. He only noted that nothing like this had happened before his eyes (Mashkov is a student of Oleg Pavlovich. After the director’s death, he became artistic director of the Tabakov Theater).

I haven’t heard anything like that, about any relationship … I have no idea what this is about. I can’t even pay attention to some things psychophysically“, – said the artist in a conversation with Nadezhda Strelets.

Vladimir Mashkov
Vladimir Mashkov

According to Mashkov, his dislike of giving interviews is precisely because of this – he has to answer provocative questions. “I don’t really understand the meaning … I can’t plunge into this world. They talk about this with such importance … Are you interviewers acting as lie detectors or what? Or irritation detectors? What do you want to check? The degree of my restraint, the ability to avoid answers? Well, why?“- the actor asks.

Recall that this spring, 68-year-old Elena Proklova admitted that in her youth a famous actor and director molested her. The admirers of the artist, comparing the facts and her early statements, concluded that Oleg Tabakov, who died in 2018, inclined the star to intimacy.

The man was alive. I didn’t want a scandal to break out in his family, that he and his wife broke up or something happened. But when he is gone, it is no longer a question of the fact that I can destroy his life. I understand perfectly well that loved ones will protect him, but you also need to know who you lived with. Moreover, I think that in fact everyone knows. It would be good if the wives were smart enough to understand that we all fell into this meat grinder, both they and me. But this is not my fault, it is my misfortune. Why should I be silent? I have a right to exist, I am human too“, – explained Proklova in one of the interviews why she was silent for so long.

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