Sep 14, 2020
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Vladimir Dolinsky, who served more than a year, gave Mikhail Efremov advice on how to behave in prison

10:58, 09/14/2020

The 76-year-old artist noted that human qualities matter in places not so remote.

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Vladimir Dolinsky is known for the films "An Ordinary Miracle", "The Same Munchausen" and the series "Winter Cherry", "What the Dead Man Said". In 1973, the actor went to prison for illegal foreign exchange transactions. The court determined for him a harsh punishment - 15 years in prison. However, thanks to the petitions of the troupe of the theater, in which Dolinsky was then serving, he managed to leave much earlier, after a year and 17 days. The honored artist, who is now 76 years old, admitted that the conclusion was not easy for him, he twice tried to commit suicide. But after his release, he began to appreciate ordinary things that everyone understood - to wake up in a room without a barred window, and next to him was my mother, who was preparing coffee and a sandwich with sausage in the kitchen.

Vladimir Dolinsky in the series "What the Dead Man Said"

Taught by bitter experience, Dolinsky told what Mikhail Efremov needs to do in order not to lose his face in places not so distant. Vladimir Abramovich noted that it doesn't matter in prison whether you are a famous person or not. The only important thing is whether Efremov was a worthy citizen at large. If so, then in conclusion they will treat him normally. Dolinsky recommended that his convicted colleague remain "a worthy, good man." At the same time, the 76-year-old artist added that an accident involving Mikhail Olegovich, in which a person died, is a terrible story. But, the actor emphasized in an interview with MK, this is an unintentional crime.

Recall that on September 8 this year, Mikhail Efremov was sentenced. The honored artist was sent to a general regime colony for eight years. Now the 56-year-old actor is in jail-5 "Vodnik". Efremov will stay there for another month, experts say. According to the head of the legal center Pavel Pyatnitsky, the conditions in the pre-trial detention center, where Efremov is now, are better than in many other places. In addition, Pyatnitsky said that if the actor's relatives send a request, then you can ask the Federal Penitentiary Service for Moscow to leave the star prisoner in the economic support unit.

“That is, he does not need to go somewhere to the colony, he can stay in the pre-trial detention center to work. In addition, Efremov has the same right as a first-time convict, ”said the specialist. Some sources emphasized that Efremov at the moment really has excellent conditions - he can use the shower, go to the gym and even perform on stage. In addition, hot meals such as Peking duck and tiramisu can be ordered for an additional fee.

Mikhail Efremov

We add that some representatives of show business do not exclude that Mikhail Efremov will be released much earlier. So, Ksenia Sobchak announced this immediately after the sentencing. She suggested that the artist could fall under an amnesty next year, a project of which is being prepared by one of the leading parties in Russia. The TV presenter said that if it were not for “swindler Pashayev and all these changes in testimony,” the actor would have been sentenced to two or three years in prison, and then everything could have ended on parole. “That is, such a harsh sentence, eight years (usually four or five years are given under this article), is the work of the lawyer Pashayev and those who suggested hiring him,” Sobchak wrote.

Elman Pashaev

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