Sep 16, 2020
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Vlad Topalov told why he and Regina Todorenko have conflicts

11:13, 09/16/2020

The 34-year-old singer and 30-year-old TV presenter are trying to combine family and career.

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Regina Todorenko and Vlad Topalov met at work - they played a couple in one of the performances. The communication between the artists at the rehearsals has grown from friendly to romantic. Regina and Vlad started dating and kept in touch when Todorenko left for the shooting. Six months after the beginning of the novel, the singer made his beloved an offer to marry him. Regina agreed, but the magnificent wedding had to be postponed due to the bride's pregnancy.

In October 2018, Regina and Vlad signed in Moscow, and in the winter of the same year they became the parents of a boy. The parents chose the name Michael for their son, but at home his name is usually Michael. Six months after giving birth, Todorenko and Topalov staged a magnificent celebration of their wedding in Italy, on which seven million rubles were spent.

Regina and Vlad do not hide their personal lives from their fans and have repeatedly admitted that they have difficulties in their relationship. For example, Topalov said that he often conflicts with his wife due to the fact that they are both very emotional people who act impulsively. “I will not hide, there are also conflicts, powerful clashes. Recently, we see each other a little, miss each other. We find ourselves at home at different times. Either I came home, Regina is already asleep, or vice versa. Hence the nerves ", - shared the singer.

Vlad Topalov told why he conflicts with Regina Todorenko

To improve relations, Regina invited her husband to have joint breakfasts once or twice a week. The couple also has a tradition: Vlad always meets his beloved from the trip, and they go to dinner or have breakfast together. Now Regina Todorenko is filming in the next season of the show "Heads and Tails" and is often on the road. The TV presenter is worried that she sees little with her son and husband. But Vlad himself seems to be happy to be a little alone with the child. “It's true, I finally had the opportunity to spend time with my son. Because when Regina is at home, she is with him all the time; - Topalov added in an interview with 7 Days.

Todorenko and Topalov spent the quarantine period together, staying in the same house 24 hours a day. Now the spouses are resting from each other and admit that separation has benefited their relationship, since they are waiting for meetings and want to hug as soon as possible. After the self-isolation regime was lifted, the husband and wife immediately began work. It is known that Regina and Vlad participate in the Ice Age show.

Regina Todorekno and Vlad Topalov with their son Michael

The figure skater Roman Kostomarov became Regina's partner, and Vlad skated with Elena Ilinykh. Training is very difficult for Todorenko, since she has practically no days off, and on the ice she has to give all her best. TV presenter's rehearsals ended in injuries several times - she was hit by the spine, and also experienced severe pain in the ribs. Vlad Topalov also repeatedly talked about the difficulties he had to face in training.

“Thank you for your patience and understanding ... I am not the most flexible partner. But you never get tired! You will always help and explain ... both the second time and the two hundred and twenty-second !!! How you do it - it is not clear to me at all! But it's always interesting to study with you! Most of all I'm afraid to let you down ... thanks for everything! " - wrote Vlad Topalov about his partner Elena Ilinykh in his microblog on Instagram (spelling and punctuation of the author are given without changes. - Prim. line.).

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