Sep 16, 2020
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Vlad Topalov spoke about quarrels with his wife

Vlad Topalov spoke about quarrels with his wife

34-year-old singer Vlad Topalov and 30-year-old Regina Todorenko told why they quarreled with each other.

The singer and TV presenter seems to many to be an example of an ideal family. However, in their relationship, everything is not always smooth, like most couples.

Vlad admitted that he and Regina Todorenko are impulsive people, they have conflicts and violent clashes. Quarantine also influenced the relationship of the spouses. For the past six months they have been together 24 hours a day, and it was not easy to avoid critical moments.

The stars returned to work, and their relationship began to improve. "Now, when we part for three days, separation is beneficial. Meetings have become sweeter, you live this day right, you think, well, when you already see your beloved eyes and fall into your arms", Topalov said.

Vlad Topalov with his wife
Vlad Topalov with his wife

The singer also said that his and Regina's most acute conflicts were due to their son Michael (Michael). The TV presenter was angry with her husband because he spent little time with the child.

"Regina reproached me: "You are a bad father, you do not spend time with your son." And how will I spend time with him if, when she is at home, they are constantly together - walking, sleeping, eating, playing? I just think: from which side to approach them? The two of them are interested, but what they are doing, all these cubes, uchi-ways ... I get tired of this in 40 seconds", - the artist admitted.

Everything changed when Todorenko left for the shooting of the Eagle and Tails show. At first, Vlad was shocked and did not understand how he would cope with parenting responsibilities. But his fears were in vain. According to Topalov, he and Michael had a complete idyll. "My complex that I cannot be one-on-one with a child instantly disappeared", - the young father boasted.

Vlad said that he himself changes his son's diapers, takes him to the pool, to the park, to restaurants, to go karting. According to the singer, he always misses his wife when she is away, but at the same time waits for her to leave again, because it will be their time with Michael.

Regina is glad that her husband managed to establish a connection with her son. However, sometimes the TV presenter is sad that Vlad and Michael do not need her as much as she would like.

Vlad Topalov with his wife
Vlad Topalov with his wife

“I remember when I went home for the first time after the trip, I said:“ Lord, how bad I felt without you! ”. And in response to me: "And we are so good without you!" "- remembered the star.

Now Regina and Vlad are taking part in the Ice Age show. The TV presenter is paired with Roman Kostomarov. Topalov said that the skater is divinely beautiful. “When I saw him for the first time on the ice, I even thought to myself:“ If anything, I will understand Regina ”", - the artist said with irony in an interview with" 7 Days ".

Todorenko, too, was jealous of her husband's partner Elena Ilinykh. "Something skipped inside. Not that I was very excited, but I felt that there was a danger. Lena is very beautiful, passionate on ice", - admitted the star.

Regina admitted that she would like to have a second child. According to Todorenko, if God willing, this will happen soon. Vlad joked that they would call the baby Roma or Lena.

Today, the artist touchingly confessed his feelings to his wife. "There are people, like me, who “reach” everything for a very long time. So, every day I understand more and more how lucky I am and how happy I am. There is no greater reward for a man than having the best woman and, as a result, the best children! Thank you for everything, my love!"Topalov wrote.

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