Dec 30, 2020
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Vlad Stashevsky met with his son, whom he had not seen for 20 years

10:23, 12/30/2020

The singer himself expressed a desire to meet with Daniel.

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Vlad Stashevsky, who returned to the stage as part of the Superstar! Return “on the NTV channel, pleases the audience not only with their performances, but also rationally uses the airtime. So, in early December, the artist made a statement. Taking this opportunity, the sex symbol of the 90s turned to his son from his first marriage. Vlad said that he wants to meet with Daniel, whom he has not seen for 20 years.

“Danya, dear, I’ll be glad to see you. Let’s dock somehow, we’ll find it. It’s time, it’s already possible. You are already an adult, ”said the singer. Vlad’s request was heard. Olga, the first wife of Stashevsky, the daughter of millionaire Vladimir Alyoshin, said that the singer had met his son. The long-awaited reunion happened recently. The ex-wife of the artist said that she was glad that Daniel had resumed communication with his father.

Vlad Stashevsky with his ex-wife Olga and son Daniel

“Vlad called Dana, he made contact, they met, which I am very happy about. The son met Vlad’s current wife and his half-brother. I think this is wonderful and very positive for everyone, “Olga said in a conversation with the journalists of the StarHit edition.

Note that Vlad and Olga were married for five years and divorced in 2002. After parting with his wife, Stashevsky disappeared from the life of his son and stopped seeing him. Daniel is now 22 years old. He also chose a creative profession. He studies at the production department of VGIK. In addition, Stashevsky’s son is engaged in tennis and football.

Daniil Stashevsky

Recall that Vlad Stashevsky himself also grew up without a father: he left the family when the boy was two years old. The man broke off contact with his son. The future artist was raised by his mother Natalia and grandmother Maria. Both women worked as accountants. Vlad’s childhood was spent in the Crimea. Years later, the artist was able to forgive his father. “I forgave my dad long ago, a long time ago. You can’t live with resentment. It is important. Moreover, today he has been gone for a year already, ”said the musician.

Now the pop star has two sons. In 2006, Vlad married a second time to a psychologist Irina… Two years later, they had a son Timofey… During his second marriage, Vlad decided to go into business in order to have a steady income. However, his waste disposal firm went bankrupt. As a result, the artist returned to concert activities.

Vlad Stashevsky

Vlad has been studying music since childhood. He graduated with honors from a music school, piano. After the eighth grade, the boy went to study at the Suvorov School, but stayed there for only about a month, and then left. After graduating from school, Stashevsky studied at a trade and commercial college in Moscow, specializing in commodity expert and organizer of food trade, and then entered the Moscow State University of Commerce at the Faculty of Management of Trade Enterprises in the Service Sector.

Vlad began to conquer the stage at the age of 19. Then the producer noticed him Yuri Aizenshpis, which opened the audience to Dima Bilan. The late show business figure noticed Stashevsky, who was celebrating with his classmates the passing of the session in one of the clubs and sang thieves’ songs. Aizenshpis left Vlad his visit, and a week after they met, the first song, “The Roads We Are Going”, was recorded.

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