Nov 19, 2021
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Vlad Sokolovsky spoke about the future addition to the family


Singer Vlad Sokolovsky has already thought about how his daughter will perceive the new family member.

The 30-year-old artist, after breaking up with Dakota, did not abandon his daughter and constantly spends time with her. Despite the grievances and a major scandal that preceded the divorce, Rita and Vlad decided that Mia would not need anything. Star parents go for walks with her, play and develop. But here’s how the baby will react to the fact that she will have a brother or sister?

We are planning to prepare Mia for this news. We will do it competently and with psychologists, so that everything will turn out smoothly and environmentally. For us it is very important“- said Sokolovsky in a recent interview.

Vlad Sokolovsky with his beloved
Vlad Sokolovsky with his beloved

The musician did not disclose details. But he stressed that his girlfriend Angelina is preparing for this event. The boyfriend’s girlfriend is not jealous of her ex either. “Lina and I adequately relate to our past and accept it completely, because without it we would not exist today. Both me and Lina are friends with Rita, so there are no difficulties with this. We are something like a big friendly family“, – emphasizes Sokolovsky

We will remind, Vlad and Rita met at the “Star Factory”. They were considered one of the strongest couples in show business, but, as it turned out, Sokolovsky was cheating on his beloved. Dakota revealed that he had many other women and called him a “sex addict.” The problem went public, the ex-lovers had a scandal for a long time, but then they made up.

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