Oct 16, 2020
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Vlad Sokolovsky plans to leave the “Ice Age” due to health problems

14:15, 16.10.2020

The singer received a serious back injury.

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Singer Vlad Sokolovsky announced his participation in the new season of the Ice Age show in early August. Almost immediately after that, the artist received his first injury - a rupture of ligaments in his leg. Because of this, Sokolovsky had to skip two weeks of training and undergo a course of therapy to recover. In this regard, the participation of the musician in the show was on the verge of collapse. Nevertheless, the singer was able to skate again and show good results.

Now it turned out that Sokolovsky injured his back. Due to problems with the spine, Vlad is unable to perform complex elements and supports. “I have no luck with this project. The situation is just stalemate, we trained, everything is cool. Then we do support, and my back knocks out again, ”Sokolovsky said. The singer noted that he is ready to leave the show. “I don’t understand what to do, my back was pinched again. Here, I was with an osteopath, it seems to be let go, but the sensations in the back continue. Two workouts tomorrow, and shooting on Friday. I don’t understand yet how I should be. If this continues to harm my health, I will be forced to refuse to participate in the project, "said Vlad Sokolovsky in his Instagram microblog in the Stories section.

Vlad Sokolovsky plans to leave the "Ice Age" due to health problems

Recall that Sokolovsky is paired with the Olympic champion Ekaterina Bobrova. The singer admitted that before participating in the "Ice Age" he skated only a few times in his life. “I skated literally a couple of times in my life, and, well, there was a case, I skated completely in childhood on roller skates) Does it help me? NO In the first workout, I felt like a baby trying to reach the cookies on the top shelf of the kitchen cabinet from the floor !!! I tried very hard, puffed, but didn't get it ... I am delighted with the physical capabilities of the champions and now I understand at least a little what efforts must be made to achieve the result! " - Sokolovsky shared his impressions in his microblog on Instagram (spelling and punctuation of the author are given without changes. - Prim. row.).

We add that many of the star participants in the Ice Age show have already been seriously injured. So, Olga Buzova admitted that after the project she will have to undergo surgery on her leg. The reason for this was the bone at the thumb. The artist said that she had already undergone surgery, because of which she had to give up heels. But due to intensive training in tight skates, the problem was aggravated again. Buzova said that she was in great pain, and in the evenings she even wanted to tear off her leg.

Ekaterina Bobrova and Vlad Sokolovsky

TV presenter Regina Todorenko also received more than one injury. On the first day, she fell with her partner Roman Kostomarov and hit her head hard. Then the star of "Eagle and Reshka" complained about the displacement of the vertebrae. And in September, Regina said that she was experiencing severe pain in the rib and suspected she had a fracture. And although the X-ray did not show bone damage in the TV presenter, Todorenko complained that it was painful for her even to breathe.

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