Nov 4, 2021
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Vlad Sokolovsky does not want to marry a pregnant girlfriend


Singer Vlad Sokolovsky is expecting a second child.

The artist and his beloved Angelina are expecting a baby. On Instagram, the pregnant girl answered the question that worries many fans of the star couple: whether they will soon have a wedding. Surkova’s unconventional position on this issue surprised the girl’s subscribers.

Recently, 30-year-old singer Vlad Sokolovsky said that his 22-year-old chosen one Lina Surkova is pregnant. This news came as a surprise to fans. The girl’s relationship with the singer was never clear. The lovers even parted for six months, but decided that they wanted to be together. According to the artist, they did not plan a pregnancy, so they were surprised when they saw two strips on the test.

Fans rushed to congratulate the couple on the happy occasion. Many noted that the news was extremely unexpected for them. “Health to the expectant mother and baby! “,” Cool! Glad for you “,” Another blue-eyed miracle will be. Congratulations“, – write netizens.

Fans surrounded Sokolovsky’s chosen one with close attention and attacked her blog with questions about the future of the couple. “Sex and children out of wedlock, what do you think?“- model followers inquired in Instagram. To which the expectant mother replied that they were in no hurry to play the wedding.

Vlad Sokolovsky with his beloved
Vlad Sokolovsky with his beloved

According to the girl, marriage is not a guarantee of love, respect and fidelity. The model believes that marriage puts people in a frame: “Sometimes people need attributes in order to set some kind of restriction for themselves, this is not about us, believe me“.

Lina noted that they are in love and harmony with Vlad. She also emphasized that with their lover they are both friends and lovers, and now also future parents. As it is clear from Surkova’s words, they are in no hurry to create a family unit with Sokolovsky. “If we ever decide to implement this, then it will definitely be beyond your expectations.“, – a pregnant girl answers the question.

The model advised subscribers to stop living with stereotypes. Surkova believes that this “destroys the beautiful and spontaneous“.

Recall that Sokolovsky has an heiress Mia from his marriage to Rita Dakota. The couple’s divorce was scandalous, because the singer accused her former lover of numerous betrayals. It took Rita a long time to forgive Vlad and start communicating with him again for the sake of the child. Now the stars are raising a four-year-old daughter together, although the baby lives with her mother.

The heiress of Sokolovsky has long been familiar with his current passion and is on excellent terms with her. Fans hope that Vlad will not repeat the same mistake and will be able to become a reliable rear for Angelina.

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