Oct 25, 2021
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Vlad Sokolovsky announced that his beloved is expecting a baby


The ex-soloist of the “BiS” group, 30-year-old singer Vlad Sokolovsky shared a photo with his pregnant lover Angelina Surkova and said that they were expecting a baby.

Vlad Sokolovsky made an important announcement on Instagram. The artist said that he was preparing to become a father for the second time. The child will be presented to the performer by his current lover, a casting participant for the Serebro group – 21-year-old Angelina Surkova.

Judging by the footage posted on the social network, the singer is still in the early stages of pregnancy, so the baby will be born only next year.

Vlad Sokolovsky and Angelina Surkova
Vlad Sokolovsky and Angelina Surkova

We are waiting for the baby🍂 Fabulous time! Health to you, my beloved Angeliina🤍 I’m near!“- Sokolovsky turned to the chosen one.

As you know, for Surkova, the child will become the firstborn, so she anxiously awaits when she will be able to “give one more life to this world,” and thanks Sokolovsky for this opportunity. Angelina also shared a photo with the father of her unborn child.

Vlad Sokolovsky and Angelina Surkova
Vlad Sokolovsky and Angelina Surkova

Soon there will be a replenishment in our family 🐣🤍 To give one more life to this world from a beloved man is happiness ✨ Vlad, thank you for your strength, next to me I open up even brighter 🥰“, – said Surkova.

It seems that the pregnancy came as a surprise for the artists, because they have not been together for so long and have already survived the breakup.

The couple began dating in 2019, and a year later Vlad announced that their romance with Angelina had come to an end, but they managed to remain good friends. It seemed that the singers’ relationship was at an end, but in the summer they decided to get back together again. Sokolovsky assured that he had time to work on himself and now they have complete harmony with Surkova.

Recall that Vlad Sokolovsky was married to Rita Dakota, who gave birth to his daughter Mia. The couple broke up with a loud scandal due to the artist’s numerous betrayals. It turned out that the singer did not remain faithful to his wife throughout their marriage and had an affair on the side, even when Rita was pregnant.

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