Feb 21, 2021
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Vlad Sokolovsky announced parting with the finalist of the casting in SEREBRO Angelina Surkova

11:56, 21.02.2021

The artists were together for a year.

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Since the end of last year, 29-year-old Vlad Sokolovsky has stopped spending time with 21-year-old Angelina Surkova. The artists celebrated the New Year holidays in different places. All this provoked rumors about the separation of lovers. Sokolovsky did not comment on the situation and broke the silence only today. The singer confirmed his guesses about breaking up with the casting finalist for the SEREBRO group.

“I’ll explain it once. In the month of December, Lina and I parted and parted. I have now returned to Moscow. Lina and I are in a wonderful relationship. We communicate, support each other, everything is fine. But we are not together, ”Vlad said in the Stories section of his Instagram.

Vlad Sokolovsky and Angelina Surkova

Sokolovsky stressed: he does not know if they will ever be together with Surkova again. The singer asked not to spread rumors in this regard. The artist touched on the topic of a possible reunion with Angelina for a reason. The fact is that lovers have parted before. The performers lived together during last year’s spring self-isolation regime. They had been ill with coronavirus, but when the opportunity arose to fully leave the apartment, they parted. Then Vlad said: they felt that everything was going to part. The singer noted that he and Angelina are not suitable for each other.

But a month after the break in July, the artists got back together. It is noteworthy that the breakup interview came out much later. By that time, Sokolovsky and Surkova were together again. “It’s a funny situation. In the morning we watched an interview I gave in mid-June. Much has changed for the better, “- Vlad wrote in his microblog on Instagram, having published a video with Angelina (the author’s spelling and punctuation are given without changes hereinafter. – Prim. row.).

It should be added that the singer spent all of January in Bali. His ex-wife Rita Dakota rested there with their daughter Mia and their new lover Fyodor Belogai. It so happened that the whole company flew together on vacation. There, the former spouses settled in different villas. But Vlad still often saw his daughter and even went to a party with his ex-wife. “We called this photo Parents of the Year. Happy holidays, everyone, ”the singer commented on a joint photo with his ex-wife.

Vlad Sokolovsky and Rita Dakota

Recall that Rita and Vlad met on the musical project “Star Factory-7” in 2007, but remained friends for a long time. The romance between the artists began only in 2014, and a year later the couple got engaged. The stars have lived together for three years. A couple of years after the registration of the relationship in the marriage of Vlad and Rita, Mia was born. However, even the birth of a child could not save the union from disintegration. The couple broke up in 2018. The reason for the divorce was Vlad’s numerous betrayals. For a long time Dakota could not forgive her ex-husband and even turned to a psychologist for professional help in solving this problem. And yet, the singer considered it reasonable to establish friendly relations with the ex-spouse for the sake of a common daughter. When Rita started dating Fedor, Vlad accepted this fact well. In turn, Dakota managed to get to know Angelina Surkova.

Vlad Sokolovsky and Rita Dakota with their daughter Mia

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