Nov 7, 2021
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Vlad Lisovets told what Zhanna Friske was in the last days of her life


49-year-old stylist Vlad Lisovets was on friendly terms with the singer Zhanna Friske for many years and supported her during the most difficult period of her life.

Vlad Lisovets took part in the show of Svetlana Bondarchuk. The stars talked frankly on personal topics, including the most painful ones. The stylist shared his memories of the last days of Zhanna Friske. “We had a reverent relationship, she is for me first of all a friend, a person and then only a client“, Says the stylist.

Lisovets spoke about the courageous character of the performer. Once Friske appeared in his salon, already in serious condition, but she maintained a positive attitude and joked in a conversation with a friend. “Who cares, I still can’t see anything“, – she laughed, answering the question about choosing a haircut. “I will be grateful to her all my life for such strength. She’s incredible. We laughed and laughed. Clients and administrators looked at us in amazement, knowing the diagnosis and understanding everything“, – said Vlad.

Vlad Lisovets and Zhanna Friske
Vlad Lisovets and Zhanna Friske

It turned out that this was their last personal meeting. The stars kept in touch already by phone. Lisovets hoped that her friend would be able to overcome the disease, but two months later their connection was abruptly cut off. “Chick! And silence! Then Olya Orlova wrote to me: “She got worse. Vladichka, we need to prepare, she fell into a coma … “In general, such a story … I don’t want… “- the stylist sighed.

Lisovets always speaks with trepidation about Zhanna Frisk. He admires the artist who supported him in difficult times, despite her own problems.

I am very grateful to her. Do you know why? For such a love of life! How about calling me when I was depressed? This story will stay with me for life. It’s just a movie. I’m driving in a car, dirt is dripping down the glass, everything is so sad and disgusting. Suddenly the phone rings, I pick up the receiver, and there Zhanna: “Vladichka, the weather is awful outside. You must be very bad? Do not be sad! It doesn’t suit you that way. Please, everything will be fine. ” Damn, how is that possible? Understand that you are dying and support the other person! She saw that I was depressed! Then I had a terrible problem in my personal life. This is genius! God, thank you that there were and are such people around me!“- recalled Lisovets in the YouTube show Sveta Around the World.

Vlad Lisovets and Zhanna Friske
Vlad Lisovets and Zhanna Friske

Recall that Vlad met the singer when she was still a member of the “Brilliant” group on the set of the video. A strong real friendship developed between Vlad and Zhanna.

The singer died in 2015 at the age of 40 from brain cancer. She was treated both in Russia and abroad. However, the doctors could not help Zhanna, she had an inoperable tumor. She remained in a coma for three months and died on June 15. Friske was buried at the Nikolo-Arkhangelsk cemetery.

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