Apr 20, 2021
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Vlad Lisovets confessed to the presence of illegitimate children

48-year-old stylist Vladislav Lisovets confessed that he has two illegitimate children, with whom he does not get along.

Vlad Lisovets confessed to the presence of illegitimate children

The astral stylist chose not to make this fact public and only revealed a long-standing secret.

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“I was told that I have two children. I will not speak of voids or names. It was a very long time ago, there was an individual conflict, and at first there was information that I was a father, later that I was not. This happens, women are generally outlandish creatures. I know what my kids look like, I’ve seen their photos, ”said Vlad Lisovets in an interview with Vyacheslav Manucharov for his YouTube show“ Empathy Manuchi ”.

The stylist added that he did not meet individually with his heirs. He also stated that in the present time he is ready to create a family.

Let us remind you that Vladislav Lisovets is an astral stylist and owner of beauty salons. In different years, he worked hard with such stars as Zhanna Friske, Anita Tsoi, Valery Leontiev and Abraham Russo.

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