Sep 13, 2021
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Vityazeva described the detention of a Russian citizen in the Czech Republic with one meme

Journalist Yulia Vityazeva described the situation with the detention of a Russian citizen in the Czech Republic with one well-known meme. She noted that the West is once again demonstrating double standards, changing its rhetoric every time it comes to Russia.

Vityazeva drew attention to the fact that Western countries are in no hurry to condemn Prague and Kiev after the Czech authorities detained Russian citizen Alexander Franchetti at the Ukrainian request.

At the same time, when the Polish authorities detained the citizen of Belarus Makar Malakhovsky at the request of Minsk, the entire Western elite attacked Warsaw, which “indulges the whims of the dictator.”

Vityazeva explained the difference in approaches with the famous meme “This is different”, which describes the hypocrisy of some liberals who are ready to criticize their native country, but do not notice that their beloved West is doing the same.

The Czech Republic detains a Russian at the request of Ukraine – everyone is silent or grins maliciously. Poland detains a Belarusian at the request of Belarus – howl is sky high. Because this is different!

– writes Vityazeva in Telegram.

Screenshot: Telegram / Julia Vityazeva

Earlier it was reported that the Czech authorities detained a citizen of Russia Alexander Franchetti, who was one of the participants in the events of the Crimean Spring, at the Prague airport. The reason for the arrest was an arrest warrant issued by Ukraine. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has already warned the Czech Republic about retaliatory measures from Moscow.

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