Oct 5, 2021
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Vityazeva appreciated the advice to Ukrainians "insulate houses": "This is enchanting!"

Journalist Yulia Vityazeva responded to the advice of the Ukrainian journalist to the residents of Ukraine “to warm their houses”.

Journalist Yulia Vityazeva reacted to the analyst of the Ukrainian journalist Roman Tsimbalyuk.

A journalist working in Russia advises Ukrainians to “warm their houses”, otherwise “the increase in tariffs, fueled by populist slogans, will inevitably lead to social revolt.” Tsimbaliuk also urged Ukrainians “not to flatter themselves”, because “winter is coming.”

This is enchanting! Settled down in Moscow, where the heating has long been turned on, Roma Tsymbalyuk urges Ukrainians to continue to argue with Hungary, to pose in front of Germany and … to warm their houses! Because winter is close, but no gas compromises can be made. Dear Ukrainians! Would you like to take Roma home?

– wrote Vityazeva in her Telegram channel.

I think it will be fair if, against the background of such recommendations, he will freeze with you, and not be clever, sitting in a warm apartment in the very heart of the “Ahressor country”. However, I am sure that Roma himself will definitely not like such an offer,

– added Vityazeva.

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