Jan 1, 2022
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Vitas wanted to celebrate the New Year in the bunker


Singer Vitas shared the details of the New Year holidays.

The artist surprised with his plans for New Year’s Eve. The 42-year-old artist shared with reporters that he will spend the holiday in an extremely unusual way.

I lock myself in a special bunker, such a special room is dark, without light, only with minimal specialized food and water. Exactly on day 21, I am going to Vipassana meditation, – the Ren-TV channel quotes the star. – Exactly at six o’clock (18:00, December 31 – Approx. Ed.) I start doing this meditation, so I will celebrate the New Year in darkness and complete silence“.


However, one should not think that Vitas is really closed for twenty days from the whole world. Judging by the singer’s stories, on the evening of December 31, he actually visited his meditation room. And then he took a selfie in the hallway, drove a car, pedaled on a stationary bike, filmed his smart wife and daughter, himself on the First Channel, warmed himself by the fire in the cold, launched fireworks into the sky, played crocodile, ate cake. In general, I spent New Year’s Eve very actively.

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