Apr 10, 2021
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Vitamin D: what is useful and where to get it

Vitamin D: what is useful and where to get it

Today vitamins are released as standalone dietary supplements.

It is impossible to overestimate the importance of vitamins for a person, because without them it is impossible to talk about health, moreover, the body will not work correctly. Vitamins are not needed as much as it might seem – the problem is that often people do not pay any attention to this issue at all, that is, they do not even receive the minimum amount due to an improper diet. Vitamin D is an excellent example – an important, healthy, easy-to-obtain vitamin D, which is often inadequate in the body. Of course, you need to remember that an excess of vitamin D, like an excess of any other vitamin, will lead to negative consequences, but this does not mean that you do not need to control it.

Useful action

So what is vitamin D responsible for, and why can’t you do without it? The importance of this vitamin will be best described if we note what its deficiency leads to:

  • a decrease and deterioration in metabolism will gradually lead to obesity, which is difficult to combat. A general disruption in the supply of calcium and other substances will lead to osteoporosis;
  • given that diseases of the cardiovascular system are already a big problem, high blood pressure, which will be a consequence of a lack of this vitamin, will become an even greater problem;
  • studies show a link between vitamin D deficiency and the onset of cancer. In particular, we are talking about breast and intestinal cancer;
  • the ability to either significantly postpone, or completely avoid age-related diseases of the central nervous system, in many respects lies precisely with this vitamin. Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases will surely recede if the amount of vitamin D in the body is sufficient – this must be monitored.
Vitamin D: what is useful and where to get it

Compensation for deficiency

Today vitamins are quite well studied, therefore they are released as separate dietary supplements. Sometimes complex preparations are made so that all useful trace elements are absorbed in the complex. Such vitamin sets are not expensive and are absorbed by the body as efficiently as possible, so that the indicators will improve as quickly as possible. As an experiment and to confirm the beneficial effect of these vitamin complexes, you can take tests before and after a full course.

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