Sep 7, 2022
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Visiting the restaurant, the client was surprised by a strange surcharge on the bill

strange surcharge on the billA resident of Queensland (Australia), who dined at The Bavarian restaurant, began to study the final score and was perplexed.

strange surcharge on the bill

The check included not only food and drinks, but also a strange “industry service fee” item of $5.35, which was about 5% of the total. The client was surprised by such a surcharge, but it turned out that there was no mistake. The Bavarian menu says in fine print that Monday through Saturday there is indeed a 5% service charge on the bill.

strange surcharge on the bill

According to the Queensland Fair Trade Authority, such surcharges in restaurants are perfectly legal if the extra percentage is displayed on the menu. However, the man who dined still wonders why it is so difficult to do so. Wouldn’t it be easier to increase the cost of dishes and not make guests rack their brains over some kind of “industry service fees”? By the way, many Internet users agree with the hero of this story.

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