Jan 28, 2021
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Visit of Hungarian Foreign Minister to Kiev amid threats of “patriots”

On the eve of Peter Siyjarto’s visit to Ukraine, the Hungarian Embassy in Kiev received an anonymous letter with threats

On Wednesday, January 27, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Hungary arrived in Kiev on a working visit Peter Siyarto… This visit is “purely political”, they say in Ukraine – the parties will try to find a way out of the crisis that arose during the local elections in Transcarpathia last autumn. We will remind, then Kiev accused Hungarian officials of interfering in the election campaign and in the internal affairs of Ukraine, since Hungarian citizens campaigned for candidates of the Hungarian Party of Ukraine (KMKSZ)

“The purpose of the visit is to search for ways out of the crisis, but the visit will not be limited to this topic. Siyjarto will visit Kiev to discuss the situation in bilateral relations and ways of solving problems based on the principle of mutual respect “,

explained the day before the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmitry Kulebaemphasizing that he always spoke “For constructive relations with Hungary and the search for solutions based on mutual respect”

In addition, certain hopes were pinned on this visit in the Office of the President, hoping to sign a bilateral agreement that would resolve controversial issues in bilateral relations, after which Budapest would lift its block on the issue of cooperation between Ukraine and NATO.

However, on the eve of Peter Siyjarto’s visit to Ukraine, the Hungarian embassy in Kiev received an anonymous letter with threats.

“We, patriots of Ukraine, bring to your attention that if your Foreign Minister Peter Siyarto arrives in Ukraine, we will begin to act. We are tired of watching Hungary try to take our lands away, so we will act extremely tough. If the minister comes to Ukraine, get ready for big Hungarian blood. Patriots of Ukraine “

– says the letter.

The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, and not the staff of the Hungarian embassy, ​​informed about this letter. However, Dmitry Kuleba is sure that the authors of the letter live outside Ukraine and their goal is to harm relations between the two countries. He drew this conclusion on the basis that there are grammatical errors in the letter. In his opinion, this indicates that the author of the letter does not know the Ukrainian language. However, Kuleba’s arguments do not stand up to criticism – the population of Ukraine is mostly illiterate, and this applies to both the Ukrainian and Russian languages.

The Foreign Minister has already instructed law enforcement officers to investigate the situation.

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