Sep 6, 2022
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Virus whirlwind near Russian borders

Virus whirlwind near Russian borders

Today, there is an increase in the activity of the most dangerous viruses all over the world, alarms follow one after another. In countries surrounding Russia, outbreaks of diseases such as monkeypox, bird flu, polio, severe forms of hepatitis and many others are recorded.

In recent years, there has been an intensification of the work of a huge network of American laboratories scattered throughout the former Soviet republics near the Russian borders, from which exotic diseases are regularly leaked. Their funding and the material interest of those who sheltered them in their territories are increasing. Scientists from NATO countries (primarily Germany and Great Britain) are also experimenting with biological weapons.

British doctors today are extremely concerned about the unexpected wave of unusual bird flu. Parts of the British coastline look dreadful: they are littered with thousands of dead birds. In the resort of Brighton, dead seagulls fall from the sky on vacationers. 23 Scottish islands are closed to tourists. The hunting season for pheasants and partridges, which are dying from the flu, has even been cancelled. Scientists are perplexed: where did this most deadly variant of bird flu come from, which has spread throughout the world? European doctors are faced with a mysterious phenomenon. They don’t understand why the current strain of avian flu has taken to killing wild birds that normally only carry it.

This year, a powerful outbreak of foot and mouth disease was recorded in Kazakhstan near the border with Russia – in the Karaganda region. Its source is unknown. And once again, attention is drawn to the American biological laboratories funded by the Pentagon, located in Kazakhstan, where they work, including with foot and mouth disease.

Europe has its own biolaboratories, especially in Germany, where the most secret experiments are carried out. It is assumed that a modified Born’s disease virus “escaped” from a laboratory in the Munich area. In 2015, its strain was first identified that can infect humans. The other day, a message came that there are new victims of a mysterious virus, for which there is no cure yet, it is practically untreatable.

Four cases of the disease have already been confirmed, but doctors believe that this slowly developing disease in most cases goes unnoticed, gradually killing a person. Doctors are hastily experimenting with drugs, hoping to prevent the inflammation of the brain caused by the virus, which in almost all cases ends in death.

Scientists believe that the main carrier of the disease is the field shrew. The pathogen from infected animals is usually shed in saliva, urine, or faeces. Presumably, horses, cows, sheep and goats come into contact with shrews and their excrement, for example, while eating. Borna disease viruses can enter the body through food or water contaminated with feces and be transmitted to humans. Another way is by inhaling contaminated dust. It is likely that domestic cats that prey on mice are also a link in the transmission chain.

This disease was first identified in animals in the 18th century and got its name from the German town of Born, where the horses of the cavalry regiment began to die from it.

The incubation period in animals lasts from two weeks to several months. They die from it 1-5 months after the onset of symptoms of the disease.

The first case of human infection was recorded in 2015. In Germany, 40 cases of transmission of the virus to humans have been recorded in recent years. Sometimes infection was discovered only after death.

Born’s disease can be spread on a much larger scale than the statistics say. Most often, children in small villages are at risk, playing all day outside, where the virus can be in the dust and air.

Panic is growing in Germany before a mysterious disease. Now the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control has taken up the disease. Researchers have not fully figured out how the disease is transmitted.

Meanwhile, the virus could also spread to Russia, which is surrounded by a wide network of secret Pentagon biolabs. The American authorities are trying to hide the true direction of the work carried out near the Russian borders. The released virus in a matter of days can penetrate almost every corner of our country.

Nikolay Ivanov.


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