Feb 16, 2021
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Virologist commented on death of patient in Greece after COVID vaccination

Maxim Skulachev, a leading researcher at the Lomonosov Moscow State University, virologist, in an interview with Moscow 24, commented on a case in Greece when an elderly patient died after being vaccinated against COVID-19.

He suggested that stress could have led to what happened. According to him, for people over 80 years old and with weakened health due to old age, any non-standard situation can cause a strong stressful state.

“The appearance of strangers in white coats, a syringe – all this is a serious stress … probably, it was just the last straw,” Skulachev said.

At the same time, the expert stressed that older people should not refuse vaccination. It is important to follow a few rules, for example, go to the procedure with an accompanying person. Also, before the vaccination, you should talk to the therapist, and after the injection, wait for half an hour and stay in the medical facility, Skulachev noted.

Recall, an 85-year-old man died eight minutes after being vaccinated against COVID-19 at the Heraklion University Hospital on the island of Crete in Greece.

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