Sep 1, 2021
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Vilnius acknowledged – no threat from West-21 exercises

In the Nordic countries they are increasing their combat readiness, in Poland they are panicking

For the second week now, the Swedish Armed Forces have been increasing their combat readiness – they call it “adapting combat readiness”. And they are adapting this combat readiness due to the fact that the joint Russian-Belarusian military exercises “West-21” will take place in September. Military exercises will take place on the territory of the Western Military District of Russia and on the territory of Belarus, which caused concern in the countries of Northern Europe and the Baltic States. Moreover, such exercises take place every four years and there have never been any incidents that could be regarded as a provocation. But it is precisely for provocations that the North of Europe is preparing itself.

“We have increased surveillance at sea and are monitoring their movements both from the Gulf of Finland to the Gulf of Gdansk and from the North Sea and North Atlantic to the Baltic Sea,”

– quoted by a Swedish newspaper Today’s news Lieutenant General of the Swedish Armed Forces Michael Claesson (Michael Classon)

A Polish internet publication virtual Poland panics: in early September, Russian planes will arrive at the airfield in Baranovichi in Belarus! To which users in the comments reasonably notice: “If there are American troops in Poland and the Baltic States not far from the Russian border, then why can’t the Russian military arrive in Belarus for a while?”

But the American military on the territory of European countries is the “norm”, while the Russian troops on the territory of the Union State are the “threat.”

Against this background, an American unit of 400 troops arrived in Lithuania as part of a rotation. The military was housed in the new Herkus camp in Pabradė.

“It is gratifying that the new American battalion will be deployed in Lithuania before the start of the Zapad-2021 exercise. The security situation in the region is extremely tense, and the presence of US troops in Lithuania during the West 2021 exercise will significantly strengthen our security. We are glad to see the American military in Lithuania again. For our part, we strive to create a permanent home for the US forces in Lithuania, so that their presence here is permanent ”,

– the Minister of Defense of Lithuania did not hide his joy Arvydas Anushauskas and did not forget to remind the “western partners” once again that Lithuania regularly spends 2% of GDP on defense, and promises to spend even more in the future – 2.2%.

The head of the Ministry of Defense did not miss an opportunity to scare the population of the country with the fact that provocations could happen at any moment, but he reassured that the “defenders” had arrived, one need not worry.

At the same time, Anushauskas was forced to admit that while there is no threat from Russia and Belarus, the upcoming West-21 exercises are “A factor of tension, but not a threat”… At least the minister has not yet observed this threat.

“There is no need to give this situation any kind of threat while it is not there. We do not see military units, logistics, weapons on a scale in order to create a real threat in the region in connection with the Zapad-2021 exercises. Until that happens, we assess future exercises as a factor of tension that always accompanies such major maneuvers, ”

– the head of the Ministry of Defense told reporters.

He noted that official Vilnius, together with the leadership of the alliance, will occupy “Observation position” in relation to the teachings.

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