Feb 12, 2021
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Village development. Budget expenditures taking into account the amendments of the “United Russia” will increase

The government allocated an additional 3.6 billion rubles for the development of the village. These funds will go to the construction and repair of schools, kindergartens, the purchase of transport for outpatient clinics. The United Russia party sought to increase budget expenditures for the development of rural areas.

As noted Dmitry Kobylkin, acting deputy secretary of United Russia, the allocation of additional funds for the state program “Comprehensive development of rural areas” will actually appear objects.

“They will give not just a new impetus for the development of small settlements, but generally improve the quality of life of citizens in the countryside, where conditions should be as close as possible to urban ones – people should have everything they need for development and comfort,” he stressed.

Where is the allocated money directed.

22 regions, including Adygea, Altai, Bashkiria, Volgograd, Nizhny Novgorod, Smolensk, Tomsk regions, will receive 2.4 billion rubles for the development of social infrastructure. They will build and renovate nine schools, four kindergartens, 18 houses of culture, several sports complexes, outpatient clinics, museums, gas pipelines and treatment facilities. Ambulances and school buses will also be purchased. In addition, it is planned to create more than 7.5 thousand new jobs.

More than 1 billion rubles will be directed to the program of preferential rural mortgage. As a result, 23 thousand people will get the opportunity to improve their living conditions. Without additional funds, about 12 thousand villagers would receive such a support measure.

“Now it is important for the Ministry of Agriculture to bring funds to the regions on time. The task of increasing funding for the state program for rural development remains one of the priorities for the party, ”Kobylkin said.

I drew attention to the preferential rural mortgage program and Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin during a government meeting on February 12. According to him, applications for participation in the program continue to be received, and therefore additional funds were allocated. Mishustin stressed that people should be able to send their children to a good kindergarten or school. There should be internet access, a sports ground next to the house and, of course, good roads. “The regions are looking forward to these funds,” he said.

The program for the integrated development of rural areas provides 31 billion rubles. In addition, other state programs provide for another 186 billion to address rural issues, taking into account the amendments of United Russia to the budget for 2021-2023. This will make it possible to build more than 300 houses of culture, re-equip about 1000 recreation centers and 900 rural schools, and purchase more than 100 auto clubs.

At the meeting Chairman of United Russia Dmitry Medvedev and Mikhail Mishustin, which took place in the fall of last year, the head of the party emphasized that United Russia and the Cabinet of Ministers will return to the financing of the Integrated Development of Rural Areas program in early 2021.

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